Sweat The Guru’s UFC Picks

I’ve been watching UFC for years now, and there’s nothing more fun than getting a good sweat on the fights – all while punishing the sportsbooks. On this page, you’ll find my free picks for the upcoming fights as well as the latest UFC betting lines (which are automatically updated every hour).

Bet with The Guru on Bovada and 5 Dimes.

Latest UFC Betting Odds

(betting lines are updated every hour)

[odds league=”ufc” bookies=”bovada,fivedimes” layout=”top” type=”moneyline” selector=”false”]

Bet with The Guru on Bovada and 5 Dimes.

Why do I only show the UFC betting lines from Bovada and 5 Dimes? Simple, these sportsbooks have been around the longest and are trusted to actually pay out when you win. Could you find a big sign-up bonus somewhere else? Sure, but what’s the point if you’re betting with a sketchy operation that won’t pay out your winnings. Bovada and 5 Dimes have been around for over 10 years each and have a reputation as stand up sportsbooks that you can trust. They are where I would personally recommend you take your business.

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