How is Jake Paul Preparing for a Fight Against Mike Tyson?

There has been a lot of talk about Jake and Logan Paul and what they’re doing to boxing. Purists of the sport despise and resent their attempt to enter the scene, feeling like they’re making a mockery out of this discipline. Others respect their grind and determination to make as much money as possible.

There’s a third group, those only looking to make the most of the boxing and MMA betting odds in every event. Fortunately, they’ll get another opportunity to do so on July 20th, when Jake Paul and Mike Tyson square off.

Needless to say, this is going to be quite a controversial fight. The Youtuber-turned-boxer is 30 years younger than the legendary former heavyweight champion. Some believe Tyson’s health could be at risk, especially considering he was spotted using a walking stick not so long ago.

Then again, money is king, and Jake and Tyson know something about making money. With that in mind, they’re already training ahead of this exhibition match, which will take place at At&T Stadium and will be streamed on Netflix.

Jake Needs To Add Some Pounds

Of course, this fight isn’t official or serious. Still, there’s still a boxing code that all fighters must abide by, which is that both fighters must be in the same weight category. That’s the most basic principle to follow.

With that in mind, Marca reports that the YouTuber will look to add some serious weight ahead of this bout, as his last fight came in the cruiserweight category. That was a TKO win over Ryan Bourland:

“It will be the first time Paul, 27, has fought at heavyweight level after he won his most recent fight against Ryan Bourland on March 2 by TKO,” read the report. That was at the cruiserweight level, which has a limit of 14st 4lb (200lb). Paul tipped the scales at 199lbs for that fight, but he is aiming to reach the 220lb-mark, which is the same weight as Tyson during his career’s peak,” read the report.

Paul has been heavily criticized in the boxing community. Multiple boxers his same age and weight have called him out and urged him to step into the ring with him, yet he continues to handpick his rival for entertainment and money-making purposes.

Tyson Is At Risk?

Once deemed ‘the baddest man on the planet,” it’s been quite a while since Mike Tyson was in his prime. His legacy as a boxing legend is unmatched and undeniable, but that doesn’t mean he’s still got it at this age.

Of course, the footwork and technique won’t go away, and I wouldn’t be on the other end of his fist. Not now, not ever. Even so, there’s major skepticism about his ability to keep up with someone three decades younger than him.

“The only certainty is that for the next four months, every boxing journalist and hardcore fight fan will get dragged into debates over whether a 58-year-old man with a bad case of sciatica can defeat a 27-year-old who, whether we like him or not, is an active pro boxer who trains full time with high-level coaches,” wrote Morgan Campbell of CBC Sports.

“Except it’s not a debate. The younger boxer has a profound advantage over an opponent moving full speed toward social security — in the U.S., eligibility starts at age 62. It’s not about ageism or the gap between Tyson’s resumé (50 wins, two title reigns, five belts) and Paul’s (signature victory… Ryan Bourland?). It’s about biology,” he added.

This fight is quite controversial, but it will most likely succeed. FOMO won’t allow fans of this beautiful sport to stay away from it, even if they’re scared of watching one of the greatest to ever do it getting his rear end handed to him by a non-professional boxer.

Whatever happens, no one can take anything away from Mike Tyson and what he’s accomplished, not just in the ring but in life. He’s been through it all, and how he bounced back and fought his demons to return to the mountaintop will forever be an inspiration. You can take a behind the scenes look at his training camp here:

Mike Tyson Looks VIOLENT In First Training Session For Jake Paul Fight | TMZ TV

Some people may resent him for partaking in this circus, and it’s not like he needs the money. But even if they disagree with what he’s doing, everyone in attendance or tuning in will be rooting for him and hoping he can still move the way he did in his prime years.

The Paul brothers will not stop doing this just because some people don’t like it. They’re making millions off the entertainment industry, and while some may not like the niche they chose for their livelihood, they have no incentive to stop.

It would be interesting to watch them play some actual boxers who aren’t so up in age. Tommy Fury handed Paul the only defeat of his ‘career’ to date, but even if he loses, he’d earn the respect of this community.

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