FightCamp Review: The Ultra Lux Home Boxing Gym

You’ve probably seen the hot new FightCamp home boxing setup on the social media feeds of your favorite boxers and celebs. It looks high tech, but is it worth it? In this article, I do a complete breakdown of everything about FightCamp – including a full price analysis comparing it to a membership at my local boxing gym.

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So what is FightCamp?

FightCamp is a connected at-home boxing package (similar to the Peloton bike, but for boxing). It uses an iOS app to “gamify” your boxing workout, pushing you to beat your previous personal records as well as other participants in the class.

In my opinion, FightCamp’s special sauce lies in 2 main areas:

  1. The Bluetooth punch trackers
  2. The all-star roster of fight coaches that lead their virtual classes.

The Science Behind Punch Trackers

The punch trackers FightCamp uses are Bluetooth enabled devices you slip into your hand wraps. They measure:

  • Punches thrown
  • Average punch speed
  • Total punch output

The Coaches

FightCamp has signed an impressive roster of fighters and boxing coaches to lead their classes.

This isn’t your grandma’s cardio kickboxing class, these are legit boxing coaches like Andre “Hitman” Huseman and former US National Team boxer Tommy Duquette.


What’s Included?

Depending on the plan you select (more on these below), FightCamp includes a heavy bag, boxing gloves, hand wraps, and punch trackers. Rather than hanging from the ceiling, the punching bag uses a floor base that can be filled with either water or sand.

A FightCamp membership includes all-access to their video library, which now contains hundreds of classes. They’re adding at least 4 new classes every single week.

How much does FightCamp Cost?

FightCamp offers 3 different equipment packages, depending on how much gear you’re looking for. Here’s the exact pricing of each tier, and what’s included:

FightCamp Personal

$1,219 for the equipment
$39/month for the membership

  • 1 set of Gloves
  • 1 set of Hand Wraps
  • Punch Trackers
  • Punching Bag
  • Workout Mat

FightCamp Tribe

$1,349 for the equipment
$39/month for the membership

  • 2 sets of Gloves
  • 2 sets of Hand Wraps
  • 1 set of Kids’ Gloves
  • Punch Trackers
  • Punching Bag
  • Workout Mat

FightCamp Connect

$439 for the equipment
$39/month for the membership

  • 1 set of Hand Wraps
  • Punch Trackers

View Plans at FightCamp

FightCamp also offers financing options, so you can spread your purchase out without a big upfront payment for the equipment.

Their financing plans are 24 months for the Personal and Tribe plans (which comes out to $51/month and $56/month, not including the monthly membership) and 12 months for their Connect plan (which comes out to $37/month, again not including the monthly membership).

Which Plan is Right for Me?

It’s important to note that no matter which plan you select, you can create as many FightCamp accounts as you want. So unless you really need the extra sets of gloves (or have a little boxer at home and want the kids’ gloves), my recommendation is the FightCamp Personal plan.

The FightCamp Connect plan is a new lightweight plan that only includes the hand wraps and punch trackers. This is a great option if you are an experienced boxer and already have a heavy bag and gloves.

Can I use my own Gloves, Hand Wraps, or Heavy Bag?

Yes, you can 100% use your own gloves and/or hand wraps with FightCamp. This is why I think the Tribe plan is a bit of overkill. Unless you have no boxing equipment at home and want to load up on multiple pairs of gloves and wraps, the Personal plan should be plenty of gear.

If you already have a heavy bag, that’s awesome – you can use that too and save a bunch of money by signing up for their Connect plan.

What’s the Return Policy?

FightCamp offers a “30-day Money Back Guarantee” – but this does not include a refund for shipping charges. You’re also responsible for getting your FightCamp back to them, which can be insanely expensive given how heavy it is.

Given the restrictiveness of this return policy, I would not recommend buying a FightCamp package unless you are pretty darn sure that you’re going to use it. Shipping the thing back to them is likely to cost you at least a few hundred bucks.

With any of the FightCamp plans, you do own the gear.

You’ll definitely want to factor this in when calculating if FightCamp is worth it for you.

I checked on OfferUp and there is for sure a secondary market for FightCamp gear. So if you end up deciding this at-home boxing setup is not for you, and you’re outside the return window, you can at least recoup some of your investment.


What does the Membership Contract look like?

All of the FightCamp packages require a $39/month subscription. There is no membership contract. This is one spot where FightCamp really shines. If they’re not delivering value, you’re not locked into a long contract with them – you can cancel any time.

How good is their Customer Service?

If I’m buying an expensive piece of equipment like this, I want to know that they have excellent support and stand behind their product.

FightCamp offers phone, e-mail, and most importantly Live Chat support. I wanted to see how responsive their Live Chat was, so I waited until 7:30am on the Monday of Memorial Day weekend (which is outside of their posted support hours) to ask a couple of questions… they got back to me instantly!

That was super reassuring, I love the fact that I can get ahold of their team via Live Chat if I need help with my account or equipment.


The Bottom Line: is FightCamp Worth the Money?

Let’s run the math based on 1 year with FightCamp’s Personal package (my recommendation for most at-home boxers).

  • Equipment cost (bought outright, no financing): $1,219
  • Membership cost (12 months at $39/month): $468
  • Total cost: $1,687

As we saw earlier, there is definitely a resale market for FightCamp gear, so if for whatever reason after 1 year we decide to ditch the setup it’s not a total loss. Let’s use a pessimistic resale value of $350 for the entire package.

After 1 year, we’re in for $1,337. How does this compare to training at a boxing gym? Well, here is the pricing at my local gym:


As you can see, FightCamp works out to be almost exactly the same price as a 12 month membership at my local boxing club.

So in my opinion, if you’re looking for an at-home boxing setup: yes, FightCamp is worth it. It’s fairly priced relative to training at a boxing gym, and is a great workout (not to mention, a ton of fun).

View Plans at FightCamp

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