What is ExpertBoxing.com?

ExpertBoxing.com is an online boxing training website that was founded in 2008 by Johnny Nguyen. It started out as a boxing website YouTube channel that got insanely popular for its boxing training videos, and grew into a full fledged boxing membership site site and community.

Can you really learn boxing online?

Now you might be thinking, “ok but can you really learn boxing online?” In my opinion, no. To truly learn boxing you’ll need to hit to the gyms with a legit trainer and trainer partners. That said, ExpertBoxing is an excellent way to supplement your training in the gym.

It’s also a good introduction to the fundamentals of boxing if you’re just starting out, and are too intimidated to go to a boxing gym.

What does an ExpertBoxing Membership include?

ExpertBoxing has 3 Premium Membership levels:

  • Members-only video library
  • Community forums
  • Members-only video library
  • Community forums
  • 3 EB Premium Courses
  • Members-only video library
  • Community forums
  • All EB Premium Courses
  • Unlimited lifetime access to anything else EB ever creates

Learn More

My favorite part of their platform is Coach Johnny’s fight breakdown videos. His insight into boxing matches really shows what techniques actually work in a real life fight.

In addition to their boxing video library, ExpertBoxing has a few Premium Courses (these are included in the Silver and Gold membership levels). You can take a look at a teaser to one of their courses on punching power here:

SECRETS to Punching Power (OVER 100 Punching Techniques!)

The training videos included with ExpertBoxing can definitely be useful without any gear, but I’d recommend at least picking up some hand wraps and boxing gloves so your shadowboxing is more realistic. If you really want to get the most out of them, pick up a heavy bag as well so you can get rounds in at home.

The Bottom Line

ExpertBoxing has a wide variety of content for both beginners and serious boxers. In my opinion, their platform is better suited for picking up solid boxing fundamentals rather than serious fighters, but that hasn’t stopped some pro boxers and Golden Gloves champs from coming up through the ExpertBoxing program:

Hey Johnny, I’ve been following you since my first day in boxing. This past April I won the Sr. Novice Heavyweight Golden Gloves in Chicago. I just want to say your vids have been helpful and inspirational along the way. I’ve had to learn the techniques you talk about the hard way in the gym. But you’ve always been another great resource for knowledge.

– Jordan Johnson (USA), Sr. Golden Gloves Champion

Coach Johnny is legit, and he doesn’t overpromise or sugarcoat things. ExpertBoxing isn’t a “10 Day Program to Your First Fight at Madison Square Gardens” but it is an excellent boxing membership site with training videos for all skill levels.

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