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The MMA Gear Worn by UFC Fighters and Champions

One of the most unique MMA fight gear brands you may have never heard of, Engage, is changing the way MMA fighters see their gear. One of the most creative and technical fighters you’ve definitely heard of, Israel “The Last Stylebender” Adesanya, is changing the way MMA fighters and fans see fighting.

What does this brand and this UFC champion have in common? They have been in partnership for years, one creates premium MMA gear, while the other trains and relies solely on Engage gear in preparation for each fight. Israel has such a unique fighting style, while Engage has some of the most unique MMA shorts and gear the world has ever seen. I guess you could say it’s a match made in MMA heaven.

The Unique Partnership

Engage actually sponsored Israel well before he was an MMA icon, years before he had UFC gold wrapped around his waist. That’s one of the reasons why I love companies like Engage who are loyal to their fighters and customers. A lot of companies get big and forget the quality gear and loyalty is the reason they got big in the first place, but not Engage, they continue to provide excellent support to both their fighters and customers.

israel adesanya engage
Stylebender training in the Engage Ball-Z Hybrid MMA Shorts

I will always support brands like Engage because they use creative people to design their products and the highest quality materials to create them. They are changing the way professional fighters see gear by offering designer style quality at a reasonable price.

When you think of the best MMA gear you think of Hayabusa and Venum, however, Engage is quickly becoming a staple in the industry all the way from down under. Engage designs their gear in Australia, however they are reaching worldwide audiences with their superior craftsmanship.

Engage only crafts their gear and equipment with the most high quality materials available today. They pride themselves on their premium craftsmanship and design. Truth be told, Engage is one of the fastest growing MMA brands right now and I don’t see the hype train stopping anytime soon.

Engage Boxing Gloves

It’s no secret Engage is known for their unique styles and awesome designs, their boxing gloves are some of the coolest looking (and comfortable) gloves I’ve ever seen and used. I have been using Engage gloves for a while now and I love the way they feel when hitting the heavy bag and mitts. The best part about Engage is that you know they only craft their gear with the very best materials, so you don’t have to worry about your gloves falling apart after a few uses.

engage boxing glovesThe Engage Bushido Boxing Gloves are the newest “series” Engage has to offer. The Bushido series is one of my favorite stylings that Engage has come out with since the “Tuff & Co” boxing gloves which I personally use now.

The Bushido Boxing Gloves, feature Engage’s inaugural advance-series glove silhouette. These gloves are made of premium full grain leather, have thumb-lock protect, and even have a palm fresh vent which allows for breathability during those intense sessions.

I highly recommend these gloves, no matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned vet, these are great quality gloves at a fantastic price.

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Engage MMA Gloves

If you know anything about me, then you know I love a good pair of MMA gloves for sparring and casual mitt training. Engage MMA gloves are perfect for both MMA training and even grappling!

best mma glovesThe Engage Bushido MMA gloves are ideal for the serious athlete looking for a quality, well constructed pair of gloves for sparring, bag and pad work. Using high quality leathers, advance padding protection, superior shock dispersion, and much more make these gloves the perfect choice for any MMA fighter.

There is just so much to love about these MMA gloves, from the high quality craftsmanship, to the unique design that you have to see in person to fully appreciate every small detail.

I love the Bushido series because it adds character to your MMA gear, the history of martial arts should always be appreciated.

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Engage Shin Guards

Shin guards are an important part of training, whenever you spar you want to make sure not only your shins are protected, but that you have adequate protection for your sparring partner as well. Engage shin guards were made for both your safety and the safety of your partner combined.

best shin guardsThe new Bushido shin guards are second to none when it comes to quality. They’re constructed to be low profile, extremely lightweight, and pre-curved with an ergonomic fit, providing extreme comfort and superior protection.

Boasting numerous core-tech features, the bushido shin guards utilize rigid-tech foam to absorb and disperse impacts, and a dual strap/open back design to promote air circulation and minimize over-heating.

These are the best shin guards for MMA and Muay Thai, especially if you want a lightweight shin guard that allows you to move freely and unconstricted. These are some of the best looking and most comfortable shin guards available today.

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Engage MMA Shorts

You know I love a good pair of MMA shorts, I even wrote an entire article on the Best MMA Shorts: Top 10 Buyer’s Guide, which just so happened to include the shorts down under (pun intended).

best mma shorts

Totally re-designed from the ground up, the new and improved Lion V2.0 are constructed from the industry’s strongest lightweight fabric, these shorts move seamlessly giving you an edge over your opponent in the cage, ring or training.

Tailored for the emerging fighters, the higher reinforced leg split, high-flex breathable lower crotch profile provides unparalleled freedom of motion.

Designed to make you faster sharper and more accurate than ever with the assistance of Silicone Lock Drawstring, Quick Release Velcro Closure Tab, and No-Slip Grip provides superior hold.

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best mma shortsEngage’s most recent MMA shorts are the Higher Lion Hybrid Shorts which might be my favorite pair yet.

They are lightweight and engineered to maximize movement and provide comfort during those long training sessions. Inspired by the Higher Lion v2.0, the hybrid shorts are constructed similar, the main difference being that the hybrid shorts are cut a little shorter than the Higher Lion v2.0.

From the upgraded design materials, to the amazing feel and quality, these might be my favorite pair of MMA shorts today. From design style to material quality, the higher lion never disappoints.

best mma shortsLast but certainly not least is the Engage Ball-Z MMA hybrid fight shorts. If you haven’t realized it yet, these shorts are paying homage to Dragon Ball Z in the most awesome way imaginable.

These shorts have the same exact design as the higher lion hybrid shorts so they are just as lightweight and durable. The Engage Ball-Z shorts are a Dragon Ball lovers dream, true martial artists dream about shorts of this quality and look.

What’s there not to love about these shorts? From the reinforced leg slits offering full flexibility and motion, to the soft waistband no-slip grip, these shorts redefine quality.

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What makes Engage MMA Fight Gear so Special?

What makes Engage MMA fight gear so special is that they are willing to take the risk and design high quality MMA gear/wear that is expensive to make but that’s overall better for the fighter. Many companies only care about profit, Engage is willing to listen to their fighters and fans to design gear that they actually want to wear.

Not many companies would design “Supreme Style MMA Shorts” or Dragon Ball-Z shorts because it’s just so expensive to design and produce. Engage is willing to take the risk because they are designing fight gear/wear that MMA fighters actually want, with high quality materials that MMA fighters need.

UFC Champion Israel “The Last Stylebender” Adesanya relies on Engage fight gear/wear for his entire fight camp and it never fails him. He uses Engage gear because it goes well with his own unique fighting style, he also uses Engage because he knows it’s made of the highest quality material and is durable enough for those grueling training sessions.

Israel Adesanya is a special, once in a generation style fighter that uses his unique style to produce exciting fights for the world to see. Engage is a special, one of a kind brand producing some of the most unique designs the MMA world has ever seen. I guess you could say it’s a match made in MMA heaven.

Mackenzie Dern and Elite Sports

Another big name UFC fighter with a strong martial arts background is Women’s Strawweight Mackenzie Dern. She is sponsored by Elite Sports, and wears their women’s BJJ gi. She holds a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, and has won world championships under both the IBJJF and ADCC tournaments.

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