Elite Sports Core BJJ Gi Review

If you’re shopping for a cheap Jiu Jitsu gi, you’ve almost certainly come across the Elite Sports Core BJJ gi. It’s one of the best selling entry level gis, but how does it stack up to the competition?

Let’s do a complete breakdown of this gi to see if it makes sense for your training.

Price: $$
Product Spec 1: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester Blend
Product Spec 2: 400 gsm, pearl weave fabric
IBJJF Competition Approved: Yes
What I like: The weight, construction, and durability of this gi is stellar for its price.
What I don’t: No complaints at its price, but higher-level athletes may want more premium options.
The Guru’s Rating: 7.5 out of 10 stars

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A Cost-Efficient Entry Level Gi

One of the most stand-out features of the Elite Sports gi is its price. It’s less than half the cost of the more premium options and comes with a free white belt.

This makes the Elite Sports Core Gi a fantastic option for people who want to try BJJ out.

They’ll get a good starting gi that won’t give buyers’ remorse when they move on to other hobbies. But do note, the Elite Sports Core Gi is also a solid gear choice for committed, higher-level athletes.

Tailored-Fit Sizing for Grappling

Different brands will have different sizing specifications for their gi lines. An A4 gi from Venum will not have the same size and dimensions as an A4 gi from Fuji or Origin. So, a lot of the gi loyalty comes from that just-right fitting each athlete is used to.

Elite Sports’ has little variation in height and weight between gi sizes. This means that the difference between sizes are more incremental than other brands’ gi.

Due to this, athletes can expect a tailored fit from Elite Sports right off the shelf. You won’t have to spend a fortune on custom-made gi. You’ll roll more comfortably and competitively with the right-fitting gi.

Sturdy Performance Material

Apart from the Goldilocks sizing, Elite Sports’ gi is also made with the optimal performance fabric. The 400 gsm fabric makes for a lightweight material, but the pearl weave ensures that its sturdy enough to sustain constant tension. A pearl weaving gives lighter fabrics more durability – stronger than the basic single weave seen on most starter uniforms.

The pants are made with a 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend, ensuring comfort and performance. You’ll be able to do surprising flying triangles in them. Its drawstring is sturdy as well, not flimsy; so you won’t have to pull your pants up every five seconds.

Good Contruction

In addition to the performance material, the Elite Sports Core Gi is also well put-together. The stitching is reinforced at the seams, especially for the collar and sleeves. Two mountain climbers could pull either end of the kimono’s collar and it will still maintain its shape.

Form and Design

Simplicity and elegance are words I’d use to describe the Elite Sports Core Gi. The lapels drape nicely and snug against the chest. Plus, the side slits give the kimono a somewhat ragged look. The gi isn’t peppered with patches either, but instead, accentuated with three branding patches – one on each shoulder and one on the left lapel.

The Elite Sports Core Gi comes in wild, funky designs too, such as the bright, Bruce Lee yellow and the tactical-looking gray camo pattern. Just be sure that your academy or BJJ organization allows such colors and designs before purchasing. Elite Sports Core Gi prices differ depending on the color and pattern.

Laundry Machine Friendly

The Elite Sports Core Gi can take tumbles on the mat and the washers. Its fabric is pre-shrunk, so you don’t have to worry about handing it down to your niece anytime soon.

I still recommend that you separate whites and colors, though. You wouldn’t want to be rolling with an unevenly pink gi. It’s also best if you wash your gi in cold water and hang dry it, despite it being dryer-proof. Rule of thumb – hand washing and drying gives your clothing the most care.


Sweating and odor is inevitable, but that doesn’t stop it from affecting the spirit of competition – especially for a close-contact combat sport like BJJ. Imagine, tapping to a triangle hold before the ankles even interlock.

Luckily, the Elite Sports Core Gi disperses sweat well, eliminating that icky, warm feeling. The gi’s inner lining – where sweat comes in contact – is also treated with antimicrobial properties. This prevents bacterial and fungal buildup. So, no lingering odors on your beloved gi. You’ll roll with more confidence and no one will avoid sparring with you.


The IBJJF has a handful of regulations when it comes to compliant gi. Some of these requirements include the gi being made of cotton (or cotton-like) fabric, an EVA material inside the collar (which allows it to be properly gripped), and the gi being a uniform color.

An IBJJF-approved gi like the Elite Sports Core Gi checks all these areas. Even the free white belt the gi comes with is IBJJF compliant. A compliant uniform such as this won’t restrict the spirit of competition, taking you far into your BJJ journey. The gi allows your opponents to grab your collar and sleeves, toss you, and essentially, properly roll and compete with you.

What I Like

  • It’s a long-lasting, durable gi for the price of a 5lb premium whey.
  • The gi allows for maximum range of movement with its lightweight fabric and snug fit.
  • Gives beginners a proper, competitive start on their BJJ journey.
  • It’s low maintenance, given its anti-odor and washer-friendly fabric.
  • It’s not too thick and restrictive, unlike those heavy, double-weave gi.

What I Don’t Like

  • Moving to higher levels of play and competition, I would prefer more premium gi at higher prices.
  • “Lightweight” fabric could be lighter. There are quality gi at 350 gsm and lower.
  • Good product, but customer service leaves much to be desired.
  • “Elite Sports Core Gi” sounds like an adorable service dog for retired athletes.

About the Brand

Elite Sports is an American sports brand that makes affordable yet quality performance wear for combat sports athletes. They’re priced relatively cheaper than “premium, top-tier” brands, but the durability of Elite Sports’ stuff can really throw down with the priciest garments.

Their competitive pricing makes combat sports a very accessible recreation to aspiring hobbyists. As of writing, they have a catalog for BJJ, boxing, and wrestling. They primarily cater to BJJ practitioners, though.  Because of this, they’ve established quite the popularity – not to mention, authority – in the BJJ niche.

Where to Buy Elite Sports Core Gi

The Elite Sports Core Gi is a complete starter package for anyone new to the sport. It fits well, its lightweight, and its machine-washable; making it comfortable on the mat and hassle-free to maintain.

While it’s not the perfect gi, its price point is so aggressively affordable that it earns a spot on my list of the best BJJ gis.

You can buy the Elite Sports Core Gi on Amazon here.
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