The Most Boring Fights in UFC History

We all watch mixed martial arts because it’s super exciting. Fighters from different disciplines of martial arts compete under unified rules and test their skills against the best athletes from around the world. Every week, fans get to see crazy knockouts, highlight-reel submissions, and barnburners, but sometimes, things don’t quite live up to the expectations. …

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The Danaher Death Squad

The Danaher Death Squad is the name of the famous grappling team that trains out of the Renzo Gracie academy in Manhattan. The team is trained by the New Zealand born BJJ blackbelt John Danaher. The Danaher Death Squad are known for their exciting style of submission grappling, in particular their ability to attack their …

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Mark Coleman: An MMA Legend

You may think you know the legends of MMA, the titans who once ruled the octagon with their iron fists and unyielding will. But let me introduce you to a man who defies expectations, a man who has etched his name into the annals of combat sports history. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mark Coleman: an …

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