The Ultimate BJJ Gift Guide: Gifts for Jiu Jitsu Enthusiasts

Are you looking for a killer gift for your BJJ training partners, or a friend/family member who is hopelessly addicted to Jiu Jitsu? Look no further, here are my top picks for the best BJJ gifts available…

Every BJJ athlete needs a solid gym bag to carry their gis, rash guards, and accessories in. My favorite is this duffel bag from Gold BJJ thanks to these features any Jiu Jitsu player will appreciate:

  • Waterproof gi pocket that keeps sweaty gear separate from dry gear
  • Extra large capacity that fits multiple uniforms
  • Heavy duty materials that last a long time
  • Mesh inner pockets to keep your cell phone, keys, etc organized and safe

Cool subtle hoodie paying homage to the effective “Japanese Necktie” BJJ submission.

This stuff tastes great, and the quality is unmatched. Thorne sponsors the UFC and most Jiu Jitsu athletes will be very familiar with the brand.

Get your friends a membership to the Choke Crew.

No explanation needed – BJJ athletes love coffee, especially for that early morning class.

Strong grips are crucial for success in Jiu Jitsu. This training system helps develop finger and hand strength to improve your BJJ grips.

This is the ultimate book for BJJ. Saulo Ribeiro is a legend of the sports and distills incredible insights into this must have for all Jiu Jitsu players.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this guide helped you find the best gift for the BJJ athletes in your life!

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