best training bags for mma, muay thai, and boxing

The 10 Best Training Bags for Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing

The training bag you use is one of the most important tools in your combat sports training. No matter if you train Muay Thai, MMA, or Boxing, a training or heavy bag will be your best friend when it comes to improving your fighting skills. Truth be told, the standard heavy bag is one of the most underrated training tools used in western gyms today.

The heavy bag is a great tool to use to develop not only your punching and kicking strength, but it also helps you develop flow within your combinations. My first Muay Thai instructor trained many years in Thailand and used traditional Muay Thai training methods so I was constantly training on a heavy bag. Training on various heavy bags has helped me develop much of my skill-set today which allows me to have powerful kicks and shins that can’t feel a thing.

This article will not only explain the pros and cons of heavy bag training, but we’ll also show you the best training bags for Muay Thai, MMA, and Boxing.

Guru's Choice
Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag Red (130 Pound)
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Combat Sports 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag
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Best Value
Fairtex 95-pound Muay Thai Punching Banana Heavy Bag (Unfilled)
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Fairtex Teardrop Leather MMA Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag (Filled)
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Century B.O.B. Body Opponent Bag Freestanding Training Dummy
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Comparing the Different Types of  Training Bags

When it comes training bags, many people are surprised to find out that there are many to choose from. You have the traditional Muay Thai heavy bag, the Banana bag, the Tear Drop bag, and much more.

Several types of training bags are available, each are best suited for a different purpose. Some bags are better for kicking, while some are better for punching. Some bags are great for training uppercuts, while others are useful for low kicks. We are going to explain the pros and cons of each bag to help you decide which training bag is more useful for your type of training.

Traditional Muay Thai Heavy Bag

best training bags for muay thai, mma, and boxingThis is my favorite type of heavy bag because it’s for all around training. The traditional Muay Thai heavy bag is great for punching and kicking power, yet it still allows you to find perfect flow and rhythm. This bag is perfect for beginners or advanced Muay Thai practitioners. This is the best type of heavy bag for Muay Thai and MMA training because it allows you to attack the entire “body” of the bag.

Traditional Muay Thai bags are normally 5-6 feet long and generally weight between 70 and 150 pounds. The heavier models are more useful for advanced fighters because they will strengthen your kicks and punches. Lighter models naturally swing more which is more useful for beginners to develop better movement. I believe the traditional bag is the best Muay Thai heavy bag available for all-around training.

– All-around heavy bag
– Great for strength training
– Swing allows you to work on movement
– The length allows you to work on low kicks

– Not great for uppercuts

Banana Heavy Bag

best training bags for muay thai, mma, and boxingBanana heavy bags are a rare sight in the western world, mostly because this bag is only useful for Muay Thai style techniques. These type of bags are usually around 6 feet in length and weigh a bit more than traditional Muay Thai heavy bags.

The main purpose for banana bags is that they are low enough to the ground for low kicks. These bags are great for strengthening your shins during training. If you’re looking for an all-around type of bag then you should probably stick with a “traditional” Muay Thai bag.

– Great for low kicks
– Great for Teeps and Clinching Knees
– Useful for Muay Thai Techniques

– Not great for punching strength

Tear Drop Training Bag

best training bags for muay thai, mma, and boxingThe teardrop training bag specializes in knees and uppercuts. The great part about this bag is that it’s so easily movable and almost a necessity if you’re serious about training. This bag fills all of the holes that the traditional heavy bag doesn’t cover.

Though they can be used for body kicks, they aren’t really ideal for kicking. The teardrop training bag is great for true Muay Thai knees and will strengthen your uppercuts and hooks. The teardrop training bag is one of the best training bags for Boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA.

– Great for Knees
– Great for Uppercuts and Hooks
– Easily movable and inexpensive

– Not great for kicking

Wrecking Ball Training Bag

best training bags for muay thai, mma, and boxingThe wrecking ball training bag is designed with Boxing in mind, however, it has a great number of uses for Muay Thai and MMA as well. If you’re the type of Muay Thai fighter who would like to work on his punching power then the wrecking ball is ideal for you. This type of bag is specifically for punching power.

If you need to work on your uppercuts then this bag is your saving grace. The problem with many Muay Thai fighters is that when they attempt to transition to Boxing or MMA they realize that their boxing isn’t up to par. If you believe your boxing could use a boost then the wrecking ball is the training bag for you. This bag will allow you to enhance your boxing combinations.

– Great for Uppercuts
– Ideal for punching combinations
– Easily movable and inexpensive
– Useful for Elbows

– Not great for kicking

Top 10 Training Bags for Muay Thai, MMA, and Boxing

Guru’s Choice – Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag – Guru Score: 9.5/10

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag

– Ships filled at 130 pounds
– 6 feet tall and great for all types of training
– Made in the USA
– 10 Year Warranty

– Heavy

Guru Score: 9.5/10

mma home gym outslayer heavy bagOutslayer is one of the most trusted brands in the fight equipment industry and their Muay Thai Heavy Bag lives up to the hype. This heavy bag is an all-around tool that can be used for nearly all sorts of training: Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, and more.

I personally own this bag and absolutely love it. I have it in my home gym and use it nearly every night while I blast music. This bag is available filled or unfilled. The bag is 6 feet long, which means you can low kick and high kick. It weighs 130 pounds filled and is an absolute beast. It can be filled up to 300 pounds (if you choose to fill it yourself). Overall, the Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag is worthy enough to be our Guru Choice. I believe this is the best heavy bag for Muay Thai, MMA, and Boxing available today.

 Combat Sports Heavy Bag – Guru Score: 9/10

Combat Sports Heavy Bag

– Ships filled at 100 pounds
– 6 feet tall and great for all types of training
– Synthetic leather

– Not as heavy

Guru Score: 9/10

The Combat Sports heavy bag is very similar to the Outslayer above, however, the Combat Sports bag is 30 pounds less (great for beginners). Both bags are constructed from synthetic leather and will last you a very long time.

Both bags are 6 feet in length, so the only major difference between the two is 30 pounds. I think the Combat Sports heavy bag is well suited for beginners who are looking for a great workout but don’t need the heaviness yet. This bag is great for all-around training and looks great in the home gym or professional gym. We gave it a Guru score of 9 out of 10 for professionals and a 10 out of 10 for beginners because it doesn’t show any flaws.

Best Value  Fairtex Banana Bag – Guru Score: 9/10

Fairtex Banana Bag

– Ships filled or unfilled
– 6 feet tall and great for all types of training
– Durable synthetic leather

– Not much swing

Guru Score: 9/10

The banana style Muay Thai bag from Fairtex is great for developing foot jabs, front kicks, and knee strikes. Handmade in Thailand so you know the quality is top of the line. I believe a banana bag is a necessity for any true Muay Thai practitioner, I have used this bag for many years and it never lets me down.

Fairtex is one of the most trusted names in Muay Thai, if you were to go to Thailand you would see hundreds of these babies lines up getting worked on. We have this as the best value choice because you can choose whether it comes filled or unfilled, I personally recommend filled because Fairtex does an amazing job of it. However, if you want to cut costs I would purchase the unfilled version! I love this bag for my MMA training, however, it’s one of the best heavy bags for overall combat training.

Century Wavemaster Training Bag – Guru Score: 8.5/10

Century Wavemaster Training Bag

– Weighs 270 pounds when filled
– Nearly 6 feet tall
– Made in the USA

– The base can be restrictive for movement

Guru Score: 8.5/10

Century’s ultimate training bag, the Wavemaster XXL offers the largest kicking and punching surface on the market. The Wavemaster XXL stands 69 inches tall and measures a full 18 inches in diameter, giving you plenty of space to practice your martial arts technique.

The striking surface is also high quality, with a durable vinyl cover sitting atop high-density foam. Thanks to the low-profile base and ultra-stable weight distribution, this bag will hold up sturdily to your training routines. Built with an extra-large fill hole that accommodates either sand or water, the Wavemaster XXL weighs roughly 270 pounds when filled and assembles tool-free.

The reason we included the Wavemaster on our top 10 list is because this bag is amazing for developing a flow with your kicks and punching combinations. The major fault is that you can’t really low kick the bag as the wave works best when you hit higher. I have personally used this bag for years and absolutely love it, I believe it should be in every commercial gym in America. The Wavemaster is one of the best training bags for MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing.

Fairtex Teardrop Heavy Bag – Guru Score: 9/10

Fairtex Teardrop Heavy Bag

– Comes filled 60 pounds
– Water-resistant
– Made of premium leather

– Smaller than it looks

Guru Score: 9/10

This bag was designed for people who are looking to work on their Muay Thai stand up (not involving low-kicks). This bag is amazing for Knees, Elbows, Teeps, and even uppercuts and hooks. The Fairtex Teardrop bag is a great enhancement to your gym because it fills all the holes that traditional or banana heavy bags don’t cover. The teardrop is one of the best training bags for Boxing, however, it’s also great for Muay Thai and MMA.

The Fairtex Teardrop heavy bag, in particular, is the best choice when it comes to teardrop heavy bags. It’s heavy and made of high-quality leather material which makes it super durable. This bag has very little swing and is perfect for building up strength in your strikes. This size and shape of the Fairtex teardrop is great for knees and kicking in addition to your punching combinations. This is the bag that I originally learned how to properly knee on and I’ll be forever grateful.

Use the Fairtex Teardrop alongside a traditional Muay Thai heavy bag for an even better home gym experience.

Fairtex Bowling Pin Bag – Guru Score: 8.5/10

Fairtex Bowling Pin Bag

– Great for Muay Thai Knees and Body Punches
– Water-resistant
– Made of Syntek leather

– Stitches may be prominent

Guru Score: 8.5/10

The Fairtex bowling pin bag is one of the most recognizable heavy bags to this day. This bag is in nearly every Muay Thai gym in Thailand because of its unique shape that is perfect for knees. This bag is not only great for knees but also for body punches too.

Buying the bag unfilled is an awesome way to pack three or four hundred pounds of used clothing (from your closet) into a singularly useful training bag! This bag is great because of its versatility and awesome shape. I recommend this bag to anyone that needs to practice their Muay Thai stand up, specifically their knee strikes.

Ringside Wrecking Ball Bag – Guru Score: 8.5/10

Ringside Wrecking Ball Bag

– Amazing for punching combinations
– Soft-filled to 80 pounds
– Durable Power-hide construction

– Chain links can break over time

Guru Score: 8.5/10

When you think of a wrecking ball you think of a powerful ball of force that is to be reckoned with. When you think of the Ringside Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag you should think of the exact same thing! This bag was created purely with punching in mind, however depending on the height level you adjust it at it could be used for teeps and knees as well.

The wrecking ball bag is smaller than most other heavy bags because it’s meant to increase the accuracy and speed of your punches. This bag was made with uppercuts and hooks in mind. Thanks to the beautiful angled design, this bag is great for “shovel” style punches.

The Ringside Wrecking Ball comes soft-filled at around 80 pounds, however, it feels much heavier than that because it’s so compact. The wrecking ball is 15 inches by 18 inches and has its rounded shape to help with build strength and endurance.

 Aqua Training Bag – Guru Score: 9/10

Aqua Training Bag

– Amazing for Boxing
– Many different sizes available
– Just fill with water!
– Great Amazon return policy

– No kicks, elbows, or knees

Guru Score: 9/10

The Aqua Training Bag is the new kid on the block when it comes to training bags. This bag is absolutely amazing, the first time I used it I was completely blown away. There are many different sizes available on Amazon right now and they all are amazing, I personally own 2 in my home gym.

The Aqua Training Bag’s unique shell design and water filling provides a sensation similar to making contact with the human body when striking it. Your energy is absorbed into its internal housing, allowing you to train longer and harder with more powerful combinations. Now you can learn how to punch through an object instead of simply hitting its surface.

The best part about the Aqua Training Bag is that all you have to do it fill it up with water! This bag is easily transferable from place to place in case you ever move. This bag is great for Muay Thai but even better for working on your boxing. The Aqua Bag is perfect for working your head movements and is helpful for when you start sparring. You’ll be amazed at all the different uses of the Aqua Bag. This is one of the best Muay Thai training bags available today which help not only Muay Thai but also Boxing.

Windy Wall Mount – Guru Score: 8.5/10

Windy Wall Mount

– Amazing for uppercuts and hooks
– Easy assembly
– Genuine leather construct
– Excellent Amazon return policy

– Small striking surface

Guru Score: 8.5/10

The Windy Wall Mount is also made in Thailand so you don’t have to question the quality. It’s constructed with genuine leather and has dense foam protection for your heavy punches. The bag is about 3 feet in height and depending on where you set it up it could also be used for knees and body punches. I personally use it for teeps and high front kicks, it really helps me find my perfect range when head hunting.

The Windy Wall Mount is the best alternative if you don’t have the space to own a full-sized heavy bag. I set up the Windy Wall mount in my home office and absolutely love it.

Century Bob Training Opponent – Guru Score: 9/10

Century Bob Training Opponent

– Amazing for all sorts of strikes
– Adjustable height
– Real-life opponent feel
– Great drinking buddy
– Excellent Amazon return policy

– Not much resistance

Guru Score: 9/10

bob punching dummyWhat’s there not to love about Bob? There was a time in my life when I didn’t have many friends and no one wanted to hang out with me, but Bob was always there waiting in my garage. This guy is constructed with a high-density foam interior which ensures long product life. I personally filled with the base with 270 pounds of water (however you can use sand as well) to create stability for Bob.

I’m sure you all know of Century considering they are a household name in Boxing, however, Bob can be used for all sorts of strikes. No matter if you do Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, or anything else, Bob will take your strikes with a smile on his face.

Enhance your technique with this sparring partner. Bob has 7 height adjustments from 60 to 78 inches. Your friends and family might let you down, but Bob will always be there for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Training Bag

The single most important factor when choosing a Muay Thai, MMA, or Boxing training bag is undoubtedly selection the perfect type of training bag that will satisfy your specific style and training needs. However, there are also additional factors you should consider when choosing a training bag for your home or commercial gym. You should always try to purchase the best training bag within your budget, however, I know some choices are easier than others, this isn’t one you should take lightly.


I always consider brand before buying anything, this includes boxing glovesshin guards, training bags, you name it. The brand you invest in is much more than just a label, it’s a reputation that the company holds and is distinguished for their good products and great customer service. All of the brands I included on our Top 10 list hold a high honor of being great companies that have been in the industry for years.


The material used to construct your training bag is important because you need to know if your expensive equipment is being made with equally expensive materials that will last. Believe it or not, leather isn’t always the best material to have depending on the type of bag.

Different types of material:

Leather – Comfortable with a great response. Most durable option and also the most expensive.
Synthetic Leather – Good balance between comfort and response. Cheaper than leather training bags.

How it affects the equipment:

Durability  how long the material lasts
Comfort – how soft the bag is on impact
Stiffness  how hard the bag is on impact
Response  how the bag absorbs impact

Filler Material

best heavy bag fillers boxing, mma, mauy thaiThe type of filler material used inside of your training bag is much more important than you may think. The filled material is responsible for the effects of its comfort and response to how you hit it. Depending on what the training bag is filled with can completely change the way the bag responds to various strikes. Filler material also has a huge influence on the weight of your training bag.

Of course, heavier bags will naturally have less movement and sway while lighter bags will have much more movement. The ideal weight for most heavy bags is above 100 pounds, depending on if you’re a beginner or advanced striker. 100 pounds provides a great amount of resistance without completely sacrificing movement.

Though there are a wide range of filler materials that can be used (including water, sand, foam, and gel), it really all depends on the type of heavy bag you’re using. I prefer cloth for traditional Muay Thai heavy bags, however, I love the Aqua training bag as well.

Another decision you need to make is whether you want your heavy bag filled or unfilled. This is all up to you, however, some people think it’s a pain in the ass to fill their heavy bags, while others prefer to know what the heavy bag is filled with and the exact amount.

Mounting Type

Training bags and heavy bags can be set up two different ways. One way is by a wall mount (more authentic and less expensive), while the other way is stand mounted (more expensive and takes up more room).

I highly recommend mounting your heavy bag, preferably to the ceiling. This will ensure stability and also save a ton of space. A stand mount is only recommended when you have no place to mount your heavy bag. Stand mounts are useful if you’re worrying about damaging the wall or ceiling.

Final Thoughts

We know selecting the best training bag for Muay Thai, MMA, or Boxing can be very difficult, however, we hope that this article helped shed some light. I remember how much I debated between two heavy bags before picking my Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag. The reason I love my traditional heavy bag the most is because the 6-foot length and love snapping off low kicks. I know there are a lot of choices online, however, I hope that you found the best Muay Thai heavy bag for your specific type of training. If you want to work on your Muay Thai heavy bag technique, please visit our article ‘15 Muay Thai Heavy Bag Workouts‘.

Selecting the right heavy bag is only one piece of the puzzle to your home MMA gym. I personally recommend starting with a traditional heavy bag for your home or commercial gym. However, once you have that piece of equipment I highly recommend branching out to other heavy bags such as a teardrop or wrecking ball. You should have a variety of training bags if possible so that you can constantly train other parts of your gym to be a well-crafted fighter.

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