The Best Muay Thai Camps in Thailand

If you want to start learning or even perfect your skills in Muay Thai, there’s no better place to learn than its country of origin: Thailand.

With Muay Thai being the National Sport of Thailand, there are literally hundreds of training camps to be found throughout the country. Each and every camp is different, although nearly all will have instructors who are masters of Muay Thai.

What to Look for in a Muay Thai Camp

So how do you pick the right camp? With each camp specializing in their own unique selling points, many factors will come into play during your search: group sizes, the camp’s reputation, teacher quality, and location to name a few. Truth be told, there is no “perfect camp” for all martial artists. It really depends on your training goals and what you’re hoping to get out of the experience.

Start by writing down your goals. Are you looking for a vacation, with some striking on the side? Or are you looking for an intense camp to prepare you for an upcoming fight? Some camps are geared for serious fighters, while others are designed for beginners or overall fitness.

Outside of the actual training, it’s also important to consider the accommodations and what’s included in the camp. Some Muay Thai camps are high end, all-inclusive getaways that include food and lodging. Others are more bare bones (but the training can still be amazing). Either way I highly recommend checking out my Muay Thai gear guide so you show up with gloves, shin guards, and training equipment that is nice and broken in ahead of time.

I’ve researched all of the Muay Thai camps in Thailand and narrowed them down to 11 favorites. Whether you’re new to Muay Thai or training for a competitive fighting career, you’ll find a camp for you on this list.

Sit Je Mam Muay Thai

Location: Northern Thailand (Pai, Mae Hong Son, 58130)

This camp is run by a husband and wife team and has an excellent reputation in the Muay Thai community. Some big names have trained and won titles there including Ilya Grad, Carlos Coello, Jeferson Oliveira, Silvia La Notte, Miriam Sabot and Dutch K1 Champion Marloes Merza. The training area is newly constructed facing a lush ricefield, with plenty of open air to help you cool down after a tough heavy bag workout or sparring session.

Sit Je Mam is a great camp for both beginners and experts. They cater to all skill levels, from total newbies to serious fighters.

Contact and Booking Information

  • Phone: (+66) 83 321 2230 (Eng/Thai) and (+66) 86 182 6483 (Eng/Ita)
  • E-mail:
  • Instagram: @sitjemammuaythai

Honour Muay Thai Gym

Location: Southern Thailand (Mueang Krabi, Krabi 81180)

Owned by Howard and Ajarn Yodchai Noi, the leaders of Honour Muay Thai Gym have 40 years of experience in the sport between them. Set only minutes from the town of Ao Nang and its famous beaches, this camp has a very peaceful and tropical setting. With a Muay Thai stadium filled with active fighters right next door to the gym, fighters will have the opportunity to watch live combat every week.

(Image Credit to Honour Muay Thai Gym)

Honour Muay Thai Gym’s opportunity to fight with active fighters and ex-champions is great for those who have a high level of fitness and want to take it to the next level. For those who take inspiration from real fights and can learn by imitation, this camp can truly take your skills to the next level.

Contact and Booking Information

  • Phone: (+66) 93 198 1378
  • E-mail:

Combat 360X

Location: Southern Thailand (Takua Pa, Phang-nga 82190)

The top-rated Muay Thai camp in Khao Lak, Combat 360X offers a wide variety of classes, including MMA, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (so be sure to bring a gi), Cross-training, Yoga, cardio kickboxing, and, of course, Muay Thai. Located in the gorgeous seaside town of Khao Lak, this camp specializes in small group classes and focus on high-quality training and techniques with plenty of face-to-face instructor time.

(Image Credit to Combat 360X)

Offering training in a variety of different fighting styles to fighters of all skill levels, Combat 360X can provide a customized experience to just about anyone. This camp is perfect for those who want more focused and intimate training sessions with a small number of people.

Contact and Booking Information

  • Phone: (+66) 80 978 3102
  • E-mail:

Tiger Muay Thai

Location: Central Thailand (Mueang Phuket, Phuket 83130)

Starting with humble beginnings, Tiger Muay Thai began as Chalong Muay Thai, a small gym with one ring, some tires, a few heavy bags, and only two trainers. Since then, this camp has grown exponentially, becoming a complete, traditional camp that brings modern standards of training to the sport. It has dozens of repeat guests every year and has had visiting World Champion trainers from WMC, Lumpinee, Rajadamnoen, WBC, and Bangkok TV.

(Image Credit to Tiger Muay Thai)

Ideal for lovers of CrossFit and fitness fanatics, Tiger Muay Thai has various detailed and organized training plans for beginners and experts in both Muay Thai and MMA. If you’re looking for a camp that will provide a great workout/ideal CrossFit experience, Tiger Muay Thai has you covered.

Contact and Booking Information

  • Phone: (+66) 07 636 7071 and “tigermuaythaiphuket” on Skype
  • E-mail:

Sumalee Boxing Gym

Location: Southern Thailand (Thalang, Phuket 83110)

Founded in 2011, Sumalee Boxing Gym has quickly become one of Thailand’s leading Muay Thai, Yoga and fitness training facilities. Combining high-level Muay Thai training and Yoga with professional standards of service, accommodation, food, and world-famous beaches, this camp offers an intense and holistic training experience.

(Image Credit to Sumalee Boxing Gym)

With its well-equipped gyms, highly skilled trainers, and beautiful landscapes, Sumalee Boxing Gym has something to offer for people of all ages and skill levels. If having a combination of relaxation and powerful training is what you’re looking for, this camp should be one of your top choices.

Contact and Booking Information

  • Phone: (+66) 88 017 3018 and (+66) 88 017 3020 (Eng/Thai) or (+66) 89 970 5297 (Thai)
  • E-mail:

Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym

Location: Central Thailand (Bueng Sam Phan, Phetchabun 67160)

Located in the heart of Thailand’s farmland and untouched by modern-day life, the Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym offers strict training in Muay Thai and Western boxing. Adding in yoga and meditation lessons (great for working on your flexibility), scenic hiking experiences, and a unique ‘raw fest’ vegetable and fruit diet option, this camp will help you to reset and get back to your roots.

(Image Credit to Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym)

With its rural atmosphere, strict training regime, and raw diet options, the Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym is perfect for those who want to rough it. If you want to detox, lose weight, or make a big change to your life, this camp will help get you there.

Contact and Booking Information

  • Phone: (+66) 0 83 769 3395
  • E-mail:

Por Silaphai Gym

Location: Northern Thailand (Hang Dong, Mae Hea Meung 50100)

Started by two best friends who have been practicing Muay Thai for over 20 years, the Por Silaphai Gym is great for those who are total beginners to the sport. Centered in the buzzing cultural capital of Chiang Mai, staying at this camp will give you to get an in-depth start into Muay Thai, while also having the opportunity to experience the many activities, restaurants, bars, and festivals that the city has to offer.

(Image Credit to Por Silaphai Gym)

Being a very budget-friendly experience, choosing to train at Por Silaphai will offer you a great big bang for your buck. This camp is ideal for those who want to have new experiences, make new friends, and start a brand-new journey with Muay Thai from the very beginning.

Contact and Booking Information

  • Phone: (+66) 82 274 2160
  • E-mail:

Attachai Muay Thai Gym

Location: Central Thailand(Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250)

Run by three-time world champion Attachai Fairtex, Attachai Muay Thai Gym makes use of his level of fighting intelligence and Muay Thai techniques. Taking on practitioners of all skill levels, this camp offers an authentic Thai setting in the heart of Bangkok. Situated in a quiet location next to a large fishing pond and a local Thai restaurant, students can focus their bodies and minds exclusively on their training.

(Image Credit to Attachai Muay Thai Gym)

Led by a professional in the sport, Attachai Muay Thai Gym is well-balanced, focusing on a mixture of strength, stamina, agility, and balance. This training camp is ideal for fighters who want to have the unique opportunity to train with a real Muay Thai Champion.

Contact and Booking Information

  • Phone: (+66) 2 102 6452
  • E-mail:

Phuket Top Team

Location: Southern Thailand (Chalong, Phuket 83100)

Focusing on personalized training with small class sizes, Phuket Top Team has paved the way for many MMA and Muay Thai fighters. Though the camp primarily focuses on advanced training, beginners can also join if they’re willing to take on the strict sessions. Making its home in the peaceful Chalong district, Phuket Top Team benefits by having a lively nightlife with authentic markets and beautiful beaches.

(Image Credit to Phuket Top Team)

Though the classes at Phuket Top Team are challenging, the camp’s policy of checking your ego at the door allows everyone to feel welcome. This camp is best for those who don’t want to compete, and primarily want to focus on improving their fighting and self defense skills.

Contact and Booking Information

  • Phone: (+66) 7 636 7567
  • E-mail:

Lionheart Samui

Location: Southern Thailand – Koh Samui Island (Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84330)

Nestled away in a quiet and peaceful part of the island of Koh Samui, Lionheart Samui is fully equipped with everything you could need to achieve your fitness goals. While this camp’s primary focus is Muay Thai, it also offers a personalized experience for each attendee. Having a highly comfortable get-away experience, its awesome facilities, luxury gym, and heart-pumping training is perfect for getting away from the daily stress of life.

Everything at Lionheart Samui is highly personalized – diet, exercise regime, and wellness plan. They are experts in fitness, with a sister camp “FitKoh” that is more geared towards exercise and weight loss (check it out on Instagram @fitkohthailand).

Contact and Booking Information

  • Phone: (+66) 93 683 4920
  • E-mail:

Muay Chaiya Baan Chang Thai

Location: Central Thailand (Prawet, Bangkok 10250)

Muay Chaiya Baan Chang Thai Camp was founded by Kridakorn Sodprasert, a prizefighter turned trainer. Highly traditional, this camp focuses on Muay Chaiya. This ancient style of fighting takes advantage of the weaknesses and mistakes of opponents to outwit them. Attracting a good mixture of Thai and foreign students, you can take private or group sessions, regardless of your skill level.

(Image Credit to Muay Chaiya Baan Chang Thai)

Placing a strong emphasis on control and calmness, Muay Chai Baan Chang Thai specializes in making sure you learn the technique well before all else. Focusing closely on tradition, this camp is the best choice for learning older techniques or discovering how to utilize and incorporate Muay Chaiya into your fighting style.

Contact and Booking Information

  • Phone: (+66) 89 204 0843
  • E-mail:

Which Muay Thai Camp is the Best?

There is no real answer to this question – each gym on my list excels for a different reason. While some have championship trainers, others are perfect for getting in better shape, and still others are set up ideally for a relaxing island vacation. It all really just comes down to what exactly you’re looking for.

Muay Thai is incredibly fun to train, and if you are ever put in a life-threatening situation it’s also one of the deadliest martial arts that has proven extremely effective in MMA. If you have the opportunity to travel to Thailand, I highly recommend booking some time at one of these camps. It truly is the experience of a lifetime!

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