The Best Kids BJJ Gis in 2022

Is your kid starting to get into Jiu Jitsu? Then it’s super important to pick up a BJJ gi that they will actually enjoy wearing in class!

Martial arts are an amazing way for kids to learn discipline, humility, and self defense. But if your kiddo doesn’t like the look and fit of their gi, it will be difficult to keep them returning to the academy. Size, comfort, and price are all major factors when choosing the perfect kids’ BJJ gi.

If you take ONE thing away from this article: make sure to purchase a gi specifically for Brazillian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Karate Gis are tempting because they’re cheaper, but they are also super thin. Judo and Aikido Gis are insufficient for Jiu-Jitsu due to their wide sleeves and shape.

The Best BJJ Gis for Kids in 2024

I know there’s a lot of different options on the market and it can be overwhelming, so I’ve done the research for you. Here’s a list of my top favorite BJJ Gis for kids: 

Gold BJJ’s Aeroweave gi is one of the most popular gis on the market, and it’s now available for kids. Here’s why this is the perfect gi for kids:

  • Comes with white belt
  • Kid-friendly elastic drawstring pants
  • Lightweight Aeroweave material is super comfortable

The Kids Aeroweave is available in white and black, and is IBJJF competition legal. Its super lightweight weave will allow your kid to move around comfortably during class without overheating.

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Venum is one of the top leading manufacturers and MMA companies out there. They have experience in creating quality products, and the Venum Contender is no different. 

The Venum Contender has the utmost comfort and strength to allow your child to learn without restrictions. The jacket is well built with reinforcements at the armpits, kimono collar, and trousers to ensure there are no tears.

The quality and durability of this gi is what makes it perfect for children who are very active in jiu-jitsu. The fabric can hold up to damage while still protecting your child and keeping them comfortable. 

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First created in 2014, Sanabul started out making high-quality gis in cool designs. Once their products took off, Sanabul was soon creating rash guards, shin guards, gloves, and more. The interesting thing about Sanabul is that their equipment is in use by their employees when doing their daily training. 

Always looking to improve, Sanabul has updated their sizing and fitting standards of their new children’s Gis. The new sizing prevents shrinking with their fabric that barely changes size after wash. The jacket and pants have double stitching in the jacket for extra reinforcement and the waistbands are now elastic to eliminate tying the drawstring.

Sanabul’s gi is the best choice for looking good and feeling comfortable. They have no affiliate ties with any other brand, meaning they have their size chart for the ultimate fit. Since their size guide is exclusive only to their Future Legends collection, make sure to double-check the sizing and measurements.

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There are so many important components that make up the best gi including decent pricing, durability, and excellent fit. Vector’s gis is shrunk ahead of time to avoid surprises. While most girls have double stitching, these have quadruple stitching for extra strength. 

For the quality of this product, the price is more affordable than most. The elastic band and drawstring make the pants easy to wear for children of all ages. The kimono is extremely durable but lightweight enough for easy movement.

Vector’s Sports BJJ gi is perfect for parents who want their child to have a high quality gi without breaking the bank. It offers all of the benefits that a gi should such as being lightweight and sturdy. The real stand-out feature here is their size chart to ensure the most comfortable fitting gi for your kid.

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Fuji’s BJJ gi is for training or competition and has even been seen in academies worldwide. This includes a white belt and is ready to decorate with patches!

This gi features a durable jacket and pants from a cotton blend fabric. The collar is thick and sturdy and the gi comes in different sizes and colors. The pants have an elastic waistband for maximum comfort and fits sizes C00-C3.

Fuji’s gi is best for those with picky kids when it comes to clothes. There are various options to choose from, making it easy for both child and parent. 

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Tatami’s Fightwear Meerkatsu Kids Animal BJJ Gi is the best overall gi for being exclusive to children. Tatami knows that an adult’s comfort needs are different vs. a kid’s comfort needs, and recognizes that with their designs.

The way a gi fits can affect performance, which is why Tatami chooses comfortable and breathable fabrics. Their gis feature 100% cotton with high-quality stitching for a long-lasting uniform. Even the youngest can enjoy Brazillian jiu-jitsu in style with Tatami’s new size option. Their size M0000 is perfect for children roughly four years old.

This product is great for those with small children who may get itchy or finicky when wearing other types of material. It is also easy to care for, making this kid-friendly. Simply wash in warm water and hang dry.

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How to Choose the Correct Size Gi

A gi is more than just a uniform; it is a representation of you and your skillset. Knowing how to choose the right fit is important as it can impact your performance and mobility. The BJJ gi size chart can be confusing for beginners, especially for those in-between sizes since both height and weight are a factor in determining your size. 

How a BJJ Gi Should Fit - Travis Stevens

Jiu-jitsu gi sizes differ from those of martial arts gis. For children between the ages of 5-14, the letter is generally followed by a number, usually between 0 and 4. A martial arts gi will contain just numbers such as 180 or 4/180.

There is a bit of size crossover with weight and height, making it tricky when picking out your first gi. If you fall in-between two different sizes, it might be confusing which size to choose. In most cases, it is best to go with the uniform that fits you best, even if the sleeves or pants are a little bit short. Choosing a larger size will result in a loose, baggy fit, which is not ideal when sparring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kids BJJ Gis

What do you wear underneath the gi?

Wearing undergarments under the gi keeps you dry and gives a layer of coverage when grappling. Typically, leggings or compression shorts are worn under the pants and a rash guard under the gi top.

How often should you wash your gi?

Wash your gi after each training session. Be aware that gis can shrink if you dry them on high heat. If your gi fits you well and you want to prevent it from shrinking, dry your gi on a clothesline. 

If you are not going straight home after being in your gi, it is a good idea to hang it up (in your car, office, etc.) to avoid smell and bacteria from growing. 

Why train with the gi?

Wearing the gi during training allows you to develop better techniques. The gi helps you slow down and work on your technical skills. Training with a gi on can also strengthen muscles in your hands, arms, and chest.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Kids BJJ Gis

When picking out a kid’s BJJ gi, it is important to remember that the sizes run differently than other martial arts uniforms. If in between sizes, do not choose the larger size as this can inhibit your performance. Clean your gi after every use to keep it lasting its best.

I chose Venum’s Contender Kids Gi as the best overall BJJ gi for children due to it’s overall high bar of quality. Venum is a company that stands behind its gear, and your kid can’t go wrong with this gi.

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