8 Best Heavy Bag Workouts for Punching Power

Heavy bag workouts are intense, high-energy, and get boxers the results they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. A heavy bag is an excellent addition to an already existing workout routine, or you can base your training plan entirely around the heavy bag. 

Whether you are new to boxing, or training for a legit bout, you will find many benefits to working out with a heavy bag. If you want to get the most out of your bag sessions, check out these workout routines which are some of my favorites.

#1: 10 Awesome Heavy Bag Drills

This first one starts off with simple techniques. If you are looking for some drills to incorporate into an already existing routine, this workout gives you ten skill-focused drills to practice in your own time and your own way. It is not a timed, structured workout routine, but it will give you some great, high-level boxing moves to practice at your own pace.  

10 Awesome Heavy Bag Drills

#2: 30 Minute Boxing Heavy Bag HIIT Workout

This 30 minute HIIT workout will have you dripping sweat. Each set follows the routine of one minute of full-intensity, and 30 seconds of lighter, moderate intensity. Each set has two exercises and repeats three times. You’ll go straight into the next set with a short break at the 15-minute mark. 

HIIT workouts are intended for 100% intensity with little breaks, so be prepared to put your all into this one. If you don’t yet have a heavy bag, you can still participate in this workout. This routine is intense enough that you can get similar results while shadowboxing. 

Most EFFECTIVE 30 Minute Boxing Heavy Bag HIIT Workout

#3: Ultimate 20 Minute Beginner Heavy Bag All Boxing Workout

If you are new to heavy bag workouts, this is a great workout to start with. It runs through the basic techniques of hitting the bag so you can continue to improve your skills while staying safe and avoiding injury. 

The routine is 20 minutes long, with five rounds. Each round is 3 minutes long, with a short rest in between. If you are more advanced or returning to the sport, this is a great option to keep your techniques fresh.

Ultimate 20 Minute Beginner Boxing Workout | Punching Bag Workout

#4: 5 Fun Heavy Bag Workouts & Drills

This workout is for those who are a little more advanced and ready to up their game. The instructor starts with a combo, and then has you pretend that combo is being thrown back at you. You now have to come up with blocks for each of those moves and counter back. 

This is a great way to get your mind working and thinking about real-life sparring techniques. This will improve reaction time and defense skills while still giving you the ultimate workout. 

5 Fun Heavybag Workouts & Drills

#5: Punch Fit: Beginners Heavy Bag Workout

Here’s another one for beginners. This workout walks you through 9 rounds, each 3-minutes long with a one minute break in between. You’ll start with a solid warm-up off the bag. This ensures that, as a new boxer, you’re loosened up and ready to strike. 

After the warm-up, you’ll practice some striking techniques and then finish with combinations. This workout does a great job building on the previous technique and gradually increasing in difficulty.

Punch Fit: Beginners Heavy Bag Workout 1

#6: Ultimate 20 Minute Heavy Bag Workout

This 20-minute heavy bag workout has high cardio mixed with advanced technique. You’ll complete nine rounds that increase in intensity as you go. Short, 20-second breaks keep you moving throughout this entire exercise. Each round is two minutes long and targets a different skill to keep you on your toes. 

Ultimate 20 Minute Heavy Bag Workout (Round 1)

#7: Excellent Cardio Boxing for Beginners

Although this workout is only 8-minutes long, it’s another great way to practice your technique as a beginner or hone in on your skills if you’re more advanced. The instructor does a great job thoroughly explaining each move and walking you through what to expect. You’ll take your time perfecting each move while still getting your heart-rate up. 

Do These Heavy Bag Drills | Excellent cardio | Boxing for Beginners ep 10 | Mike Rashid

#8: Boxing’s HARDEST 30 Minute HEAVY BAG Workout

Our last video on the list boasts the hardest 30-minute heavy weight workout. This workout is more advanced, but the instructor welcomes boxers of all levels to try it out. This routine has eight rounds, each at 3-minutes long. 

After each round, you’ll get a 1-minute guided cool down. You’ll target a huge variety of skills and techniques, including some freestyle. The workout will get you leaner and help you drop weight while also building mental stamina. Get ready for an extreme, heart-pounding session.   

HARDEST 30 Minute Boxing HEAVY BAG Workout

Each of these workouts will help improve your boxing skills, whether you’re just starting out or a martial-arts enthusiast. 

What is a Heavy Bag?

A heavy bag is a cylindrical bag used for contact kicks and punches. You can purchase one that hangs from the ceiling or has a weighted ground stand. These bags are anywhere from 70-150 pounds, depending on your resistance needs. Heavy bags are meant to resist your strikes, creating a realistic target comparable to real-life combat. 

What are the Benefits of a Heavy Bag Workout?

Using a heavy bag workout in your exercise routine has many benefits that will improve you physically and mentally. 


Practicing with a heavy bag requires high intensity and muscle use, which improves your endurance. You’ll target a whole new group of muscles and learn to react to resistance. 

Balance and Coordination

Because you’re hitting an actual object, your body needs to learn how to keep you balanced and on point for the next move. Practicing this style of movement will increase your balance and coordination and strengthen your ability to bounce back. 


When you hit a heavy bag, your body automatically increases muscle use on impact. This is a great technique to gain muscle mass and improve your strength. The more you practice, the more you’ll want to see that heavy bag move. 

Reduces Stress

Any workout is beneficial for stress-relief, but heavy bag workouts have an added satisfaction of taking your frustration out on a physical object. The high-energy needed to complete these workouts will leave you exhausted, which is a fantastic way to get your mind off day-to-day stress. 

Build On Your Boxing Techniques

If you’re in it for the technique and boxing skills, practicing on a heavy bag will keep you at the top of your game. A heavy bag gives you a comparable opponent to practice sparring techniques and real-world tactics. 

Real-World Skills

Whether you’re familiar with martial arts already or just starting, the skills you learn on a heavy bag are excellent skills to have for life. Heavy bag workouts and boxing teach you how to defend yourself if you ever need to in real life. Martial arts itself has a ton of amazing benefits that go beyond getting in physical shape. 

What Equipment Do I Need for a Heavy Bag Workout?

Most heavy bag workouts can be done without a heavy bag and with shadowboxing instead. Shadowboxing is merely making the same moves but in the air rather than against a bag. If you want the most out of these workouts, and especially if you are targeting strength, you’ll want to invest in a quality heavy bag.

To hang your punching bag, you’ll need a heavy bag mount. These traditionally come in ceiling, wall, or I-beam formats. There are a lot of ways to hang a heavy bag, at the end of the day just make sure it’s secure and isn’t going to fall down on you during training.

There are also some options for free standing heavy bags, if you don’t want to permanently mount one in your home MMA gym.

You’ll also want to buy some heavy bag gloves and hand wraps. Although you don’t need gloves to use a heavy bag, they can protect you from injury and allow you to use more strength when training. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Heavy Bag Workout

Not all workouts are the same. To find the best heavy bag workout for you, you’ll want to decide what your goals are. Here are some of the key considerations:


You’ll want to decide how much time you have to dedicate to this exercise. Heavy bag workouts come in many different lengths. Even short workouts can be hugely beneficial and still get your heart racing. 

Cardio vs. Strength

Heavy bag workouts target both cardio and strength, but some focus on one more than the other. If you’re looking to get leaner or drop pounds, you’ll want to find a workout with more cardio. If you’re looking to increase strength, you might want to look for a lot of repetition and a heavy-hitting workout. 

Equipment Needed

If you don’t have a heavy bag, there are still tons of workouts that you can follow. Most workouts require a heavy bag and gloves but check to see if they incorporate extra, such as resistance bands or weights. 

Experience Level

Lastly, you’ll want to determine your experience level before beginning. There are workouts for people at all different levels. Don’t try anything you’re not ready for in the beginning as you could do too much too quickly and injure yourself. If you are more advanced, you’ll want to look for something that challenges you. 

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