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The Best Boxing Gloves in 2023: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

So you’re in the market for a new (or first) pair of boxing gloves and don’t know where to start, well you’ve come to the right place. I know how much of a struggle it can be to look for a pair of boxing gloves online. I’ve bought many boxing gloves in the past, in store and online, and I can understand how scary it can be to make a big purchase based off of Amazon reviews alone. I don’t pretend to be a ‘know-it-all’ when it comes to combat sports products. However, I do have a wealth of experience that I personally use whenever purchasing a new pair of gloves or any other training gear or equipment that I need.

Best Overall
Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves for Men and Women Wrist and Knuckle Protection, Dual-X Hook and Loop Closure, Splinted Wrist Support, 5 Layer Foam Knuckle Padding - Black, 12 oz
Budget Buy
Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves | Kickboxing Gloves | Punching Bag Gloves for Men and Women, Black/Metallic Blue 14 oz
Best for Beginners
Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves - White, 12 oz
Product Name
Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves
Sanabul Essential Boxing Gloves
Venum Challenger 2.0
Guru's Rating
Best Overall
Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves for Men and Women Wrist and Knuckle Protection, Dual-X Hook and Loop Closure, Splinted Wrist Support, 5 Layer Foam Knuckle Padding - Black, 12 oz
Product Name
Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves
Guru's Rating
More Information
Budget Buy
Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves | Kickboxing Gloves | Punching Bag Gloves for Men and Women, Black/Metallic Blue 14 oz
Product Name
Sanabul Essential Boxing Gloves
Guru's Rating
More Information
Best for Beginners
Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves - White, 12 oz
Product Name
Venum Challenger 2.0
Guru's Rating
More Information

The one thing that I’ve learned from my boxing glove buying experience is to compare the different options in your price range and listen to what other people have to say! It’s important to understand that online reviews can be your friend, however, take them with a grain of salt. There are thousands of people who have been in your exact situation before and leave a review online based on if they have a good or bad experience with the product.

Many people recommend against buying boxing gloves online, but to be completely truthful, the best boxing gloves that I’ve used in the past have all been purchased online. The reason why buying online is much easier these days is because stores like Amazon have amazing return policies in place so that you as a customer feel safe purchasing from them. Buying your boxing gloves online also gives you much more options to choose from and can even cut the price nearly in half. I live in an area where we don’t have many options outside of the typical “cheaply made” boxing gloves. Not only do you have more options, you’re also able to find much better deals online when shopping for boxing gloves.

What Type of Boxing Gloves Do I Need?

The type of boxing gloves you need all depend on the type of training you do. If you’re looking for a pair of gloves to spar with, then you’re probably going to want a pair that weigh 16 to 18 ounces and have extra padding. On the contrary, depending on what weight class you compete in, you’re probably going to need a pair of gloves that are 8 to 10 ounces for competing. Although it might not seem like it, that is a huge size different in gloves, which is why it’s important to know exactly what type and weight of gloves you need before purchasing.

It’s important to note that Boxing gloves, Muay Thai gloves, and even MMA gloves are all completely different. There are just so many different styles of gloves to choose from, which is why it’s a great thing you’re doing your research before buying boxing gloves online! Muay Thai gloves are typically more flexible when you clench your fist and generally less rigid than boxing gloves. MMA gloves are designed so that you can grapple with an opponent as well as protect your hand and wrist fully.

Below we’ll be reviewing the best boxing gloves for beginners, the best boxing gloves for heavy bag training, the best boxing gloves for sparring, and last but not least, the best boxing gloves for all-around training. There was a lot of time dedicated to each pair of boxing gloves that we reviewed, spending countless hours using our experience training with each pair of boxing glove to give you the most honest review available.

My Pick: Best Overall Boxing Glove

If I had to pick one and only one boxing glove to punch with for the rest of my life, it would without a doubt be Hayabusa’s T3 Boxing Gloves.

Guru’s Choice: Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

– The PERFECT all around glove, amazing wrist support, easy to put on and take off
– Ultra durable synthetic leather
– Available in many sizes from 10 to 18 ounces and over 20 colors

– These are not the cheapest gloves on the market: but they are so worth it, and are not the most expensive either

Hayabusa is a martial arts brand known for their boxing and Jiu Jitsu gear, and they scored an absolute knockout with their T3 boxing gloves. These gloves feel incredible when you put them on, and provide unmatched wrist and knuckle support to keep you safe in training.

There’s a reason these gloves have a full 5 star rating in over 3,500 reviews… they are the best gloves on the market, bar none.

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The Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

If you’re new to combat sports and are looking for a good pair of boxing gloves, you’ve come to the right place. I understand how daunting it can be to shop online, especially when there are so many different styles of boxing gloves available today. Then you also have to consider the brand you want, the various sizes, and the price point you want to stay at.

Luckily I have been in your exact situation before and have learned from my own past mistakes when it comes to buying good boxing gloves. If you want to learn more about this topic, please visit our ‘Boxing Gloves for Beginners‘ guide. For beginner boxers I recommend buying gloves that are between 12 and 16 ounces.

The gloves listed below may not be the most durable or long lasting gloves, but they’re made specifically for beginners and have extra padding so that they can protect fighters who have a lower skill-level and may punch with improper technique. Most of these boxing gloves are inexpensive as well so that you can feel confident that you’re getting a good value.

1. Venum Challenger 2.0

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

– Over 10 different color designs
– Triple density foam for protection
– High quality leather construct

– Extensive break-in period

These Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves are designed for beginners and even advanced Boxers and Muay Thai fighters. With about every single color-way under the sun, you’re sure to find a pair that you like. The sizes range from 10 ounces up to 16 ounces, so you’re sure to find the size that’s right for you. Don’t be scared away by the extensive break-in period that these gloves have, this just means that it takes some time for gloves to properly feel right on your hand.

The triple density foam construct makes it so that your hands and wrists are protected fully, this is important for beginners who are just learning how to punch correctly for the first time. When you first learn to punch, chances are that you could injure your hand if not fully protected by quality gloves. The overall high-quality leather construct is the number one reason why these are one of the best boxing gloves for beginners.

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2. Sanabul Essential GEL Boxing Gloves

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves

– Easy to clean material
– Highly affordable gloves for beginners
– Mesh palm that allows hands to stay cool

– Not as durable

The Sanabul Essential GEL is one of the most unique pair of boxing gloves on this list. They construct their gloves with gel infused foam which provides good protection for your hands and wrists. I personally have never used these gloves, but I have heard amazing reviews about them from people who are beginners (3-5 months of training time). I think these are the perfect gloves for beginners because they provide adequate protection and they are super affordable for any type of budget.

The Essential Gel’s are some of the best boxing gloves for beginners who want inexpensive boxing gloves that will last a long time. If you’re someone who has been around the block then I don’t recommend these gloves because they won’t be able to handle the high punching power of an expert boxer.

3. Everlast Pro Style Boxing Gloves

Everlast Pro Style Boxing Gloves

– 4 color choices
– Full padding promotes proper technique
– Pairs available in multiple sizes

– Wear and tear will show eventually

The Everlast Pro Style boxing gloves are everything you look for in a pair of boxing gloves for beginners. They have full padding for both the hand and wrist so you can learn how to punch correctly while avoiding injury. There are 4 different color choices, from the historic landmark black pair, to red, blue, and even green. I personally love these boxing gloves for beginners because they’re lightweight and fully padded.

The only downside to these gloves is the eventual wear and tear that happens when you learn how to throw a proper punch hard. These gloves can last a long time for someone who is purely a beginner puncher, and for the low asking price it’s an insane value. Everlast is a staple in the boxing game and will continue to produce some of the best boxing gloves for beginners.

4. Elite Sports Boxing Gloves

Elite Sports Boxing Gloves

– Over 10 color options
– 3D cooling mesh keeps you dry
– Pairs available in multiple sizes

– Low durability

Elite Sports is an up-and-coming MMA/Boxing brand that makes great products at an affordable price, which is why I feel that these gloves are perfect boxing gloves for beginner fighters. The Elite Sports boxing gloves are able to survive tough workouts and go months without needing replacement. The material is easy to clean and maintain which is great for beginners.

These boxing gloves fit snug over your hands and have a velcro strap closure, ensuring that your gloves will stay on firmly to avoid any injury. The Elite Sports boxing gloves have impact absorption foam inside the most common strike zones, making it feel like you’re hitting nothing, which means less damage for your hands. These are some of the best boxing gloves for beginners because they’re inexpensive and have a great value.

The Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bag Training

When you’re purchasing a pair of gloves for heavy bag training, you want your gloves to be both durable and protective for your hands and wrists. I think the biggest mistake beginners make is that they buy a cheaper and smaller glove and wonder why their hands and wrists hurt after hitting the heavy bag. When you start hitting harder and heavier you’re going to want heavier gloves that protect your hands.

I can’t even explain how many times people I know have injured their hands while hitting the heavy bag. You need to realize that your hand is made up of 27 small bones that can easily break! This is why I always recommend wearing proper heavy bag training gloves, and I also always recommend wrapping your hands before training.

When it comes to boxing, your fists are the most important tool you have, make sure to protect them wisely. I recommend buying heavier gloves for heavy bag training, anything from 14 ounces and up. The boxing gloves below do the very best at protecting your hands and wrists while punching heavy bags, if you’re someone who mostly hits the heavy bag for training then these are the gloves for you.

1.Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves

Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves

– IMF technology
– Tapered wrist inclosure
– Over 10 color combinations to choose from

– Only two sizes available

The Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves are actually one of my favorite pairs of boxing gloves for heavy bag training. They’re made from a highly respected brand and are very affordable gloves. They have great IMF (injected molded foam) technology that makes them feel soft and comfortable. The Apex gloves have a tapered wrist inclosure which is comfortable for heavy hitters. They have over 10 different colors to choose from which makes them one of the most unique and stylish gloves on this list.

These gloves are great for boxing, however they can also be used for Muay Thai and MMA training. The Ringside Apex are great especially great for heavy bag training, which is why they’re highlighting our heavy bag training list. I highly recommend these gloves for fighters who want an affordable pair of gloves that come from a recognizable brand in boxing. The Ringside Apex are some of the best boxing gloves for heavy bag training today.

2. Title Gel World Boxing Gloves

Title Gel World Boxing Gloves

– Premium leather construct
– Enhanced Gel filler for protection
– Comfortable lining that keeps hands cool

– Only 3 color styles

These are the new and improved Title boxing gloves that now include exclusive gel enforced lining and multi-layered foam padding. This type of protection is great for heavy bag training. The gel lining delivers a great layer of ‘custom form fit’ and impact resistance that is needed when hitting the heavy bag. The reason these gloves are great is because they stay cool no matter how much power and heat you deliver in your punches.

I think these gloves are great for both heavy bag training and sparring because they are both soft and durable. They have an all-leather outer shell and special hand compartment lining to keep hands cool and dry. I think these gloves are excellent, especially at their affordable price-point. These are some inexpensive boxing gloves that hold great value for the heavy bag.

3. DEFY Boxing Gloves

DEFY Boxing Gloves

– Engineered synthetic leather construct
– Hook & loop wrap around strap
– Multiple ventilation holes for breathability

– Only 2 color styles

DEFY is the new brand on the block, and they’re sure to impress you with the value and quality of their boxing gloves. These gloves were specifically built for heavy bag training, and the quality shows again and again. My favorite thing about these gloves are the multiple ventilation holes which allow for superior breathability.

The DEFY heavy bag gloves have quality that far exceed the price-point, these gloves are a great value for anyone who is looking to do some heavy hitting on the heavy bag. The wrist security is second to none when it comes to protecting your wrists and hand, the last thing you want is a heavy bag boxing glove that doesn’t protect your hands fully. These are some of the best boxing gloves for heavy bag training.

4. Everlast PowerLok Training Gloves

Everlast PowerLok Training Gloves

– Premium synthetic leather
– Enhanced fist protection
– Great durability

– Only one color style available

The Everlast PowerLok training gloves were made solely for heavy bag and mitt training. These gloves are made of premium synthetic leather and include enhanced fist protection so that you know you’re reducing risk of injury when wearing these bad boys. They have great durability, so you know they’ll last a long time (unless you’re Mike Tyson on the heavy bag).

The only real con is that these gloves only come in one color style, however, they look great, especially in person. Another slight problem is that they only come in the 16 ounce size, however, if you plan on primarily hitting the heavy bag then I recommend you wear heavier gloves anyway. These are one of the best boxing gloves for heavy bag training available today.

5. RDX Quad-Kore Boxing Gloves

RDX Quad-Kore Boxing Gloves

– Full grain cowhide leather
– Mesh palm & antimicrobial lining
– Gel integrated padding

– Color design will eventually fade

RDX is another brand that is new to the Boxing and MMA community, however, they are quickly becoming a community favorite with their quality craftsmanship at an inexpensive cost. These gloves are an upgraded version of their basic gloves, introducing the “quad-kore” technology which is superior protection for heavy bag hitters.

These gloves are constructed with full grain cowhide leather, and include a mesh palm & antimicrobial lining so that you are injury and infection free. The best thing about these gloves are the gel integrated padding which feels like pillows on your hands. For the price tag these gloves give tremendous value, great for heavy bag training and even great for beginners because of the inexpensive nature.

The Best Boxing Gloves for Sparring

When it comes to sparring in Boxing, Muay Thai, or MMA, you want a set of gloves that will protect your partner just as much as they protect you. Sparring gloves are typically 16 ounces or higher, something that I believe everyone should follow. The gloves included on this list are going to be great for sparring as well as other types of training.

I don’t think you need to own 5 gloves to properly train (unless you’re a professional boxer). However I do think having a specialty set of gloves for sparring (if you spar more than you do anything else) is important. I wrote an entire article about ‘Boxing Gloves for Sparring‘ that will help you if you’re specifically looking for that type of glove.

1. Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Glove

Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Glove

– Made with injected molded foam, good for sparring
– Hook and loop closure, for a no split fit
– Stay-Dri lining has microbial protection

– Only available in 14, 16, and 18oz

Ringside’s Apex Flash Gloves are a sparring glove that is an excellent value. With 2.25″ of injected molded foam, these gloves will protect both you and your training partner.

These sparring boxing gloves incorporate a mesh palm to keep your hands cool, and they’re available in a variety of colors. The only downside is that the smallest size is 14oz. So for kids or smaller fighters you might have a tough time finding a pair that fits you.

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2. Ring to Cage Sparring Gloves

Ring to Cage Sparring Gloves

– Sizes as big as 24 ounces available
– Deluxe MiM foam protects knuckles
– Premium cowhide leather construct

– Only 2 color choices available

These may be the most highly rated gloves online today. The Ring to Cage sparring gloves are very unique and one of a kind boxing gloves. They include various sizes, anywhere from 14 ounce, all the way to 24 ounces! These gloves include a deluxe MiM foam injection which protects the knuckles and allows for a much softer impact surface.

The new wrist strap protects the wrists like no other, it includes an “inside” strap which allows for superior wrist protection. There really isn’t much not to like about this glove, other then the fact they only come in two colors, tan and green.  I believe these gloves will be the future, it just might take some time for people to fully realize the quality of Ring to Cage.

3. Twins Special Boxing Gloves

Twins Special Boxing Gloves

– Over 10 colorful design options
– Handcrafted in Thailand
– Excellent hand and wrist support

– Gloves may crack overtime

Twins Special Boxing gloves never disappoint when it comes to quality. Made directly in Thailand, these gloves have seen so many Muay Thai wars and battles in the gym. Years and years of development under highly stressful conditions have made these gloves a polished gem.

These are great gloves for many reasons, they offer excellent hand and wrist support which is second to none. They offer extra padding so that your partner is protected during sparring. These were my first pair of gloves and I absolutely loved them, I highly recommend these gloves because they are some of the best boxing gloves for sparring and overall use.

4. Fairtex Sparring Boxing Gloves

Fairtex Sparring Boxing Gloves

– Made in Thailand
– Multiple colors and styles to choose from
– Premium genuine leather construct

– Will take some time to break in

These Fairtex Boxing Gloves include a brand new design of padding that makes the weight very consistent and correct, perfect for sparring and mitt work. Made of a premium genuine leather construct and micro fiber lining which helps make these gloves completely odorless. The only downside to these gloves are that they take a while to break in, however, they’re well worth the wait.

I personally own these gloves, and my honest experience with them are that they’re durable, flexible, and smooth to the touch. These gloves are handmade in Thailand and are seen as the ‘holy grail’ of gloves by many people who practice Muay Thai. I believe these gloves transition very well to boxing from the traditional Muay Thai training style. One thing is for sure, Fairtex constructs some of the best boxing gloves on this earth, especially for sparring.

5. Sanabul Core Boxing Gloves

Sanabul Core Boxing Gloves

– Made of premium leather
– 3 different color styles to choose from
– Gel infused foam for comfort

– May run small

The Sanabul Core boxing gloves are an upgraded version of the Sanabul Essential Gel we discussed up above in the best boxing gloves for beginners section. These Sanabul Core’s are great for sparring and even can be used for mitt work and heavy bag training. The best thing about these gloves are the gel infused foam which is for your comfort and protection.

Many users have reported that these gloves run small, even at 16 ounces, so that’s something to be aware of. Other than that, there really isn’t much negative to say about these boxing gloves. They’re inexpensive, especially when you compare them to other boxing gloves on this list. I personally love the design, the glossy finish is definitely unique.

The Best Boxing Gloves for All-Around Training

When it comes to Boxing and other combat sports, sometimes you just want a glove that will ‘do it all’. I think having a do it all type of glove is important for boxers to have, these set of gloves is your go-to glove and the pair that you’ll use 80% of your training time. I think an ‘all-around’ pair of gloves should be the best set of gloves you have because you’ll be using them most of the time.

My first ‘all-around’ pair of gloves were a set of Twins Special boxing gloves. They were amazing (while they lasted), and I learned a lot from using them through hitting the mitts, heavy bag training, and even light sparring. I recommend both pairs of these gloves listed below, as they’re both the cream of the crop when it comes to boxing gloves.

1. Winning Training Boxing Gloves

Winning Training Boxing Gloves

– Made of premium leather
– Water repellent nylon covering
– Best protection for your hands and wrists

– Very expensive gloves

Many people believe these are the best boxing gloves in the world, and I tend to agree with those people. The Winning Training boxing gloves are made with love and a passion for the sport in Japan. The first time I used these gloves while training I was completely blown away. Not only did I get an awesome heavy bag workout, but my wrists weren’t sore like they usually are after using other gloves on the heavy bag. These gloves are the Rolls Royce of boxing gloves, they won’t ever let you down.

Another great thing about these gloves is that sweat and odor doesn’t stay on this glove like it normally does with low/mid tier boxing gloves. I would say these gloves are suitable for ‘all-around’ training, but if you’re anything like me you’ll want to baby these gloves. I recommend only using these if you’re a professional boxer or if you have the budget to get the best boxing gloves. Winning boxing gloves are the best boxing brand and the best boxing gloves in the world.

2. Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Boxing Gloves

– Made of premium leather
– Nearly two inches of padding
– Water repellent cover, never crack or fade

– Expensive boxing gloves

Cleto Reyes are my personal favorite set of gloves because they are a great all-around glove. These gloves are used by professionals in the sport of boxing worldwide. The reason I love these gloves is because they’re a hybrid, durable enough for heavy bag training, yet soft enough for sparring. Cleto Reyes never disappoints when it comes to their design quality and durability, I’ve never had a problem with their gloves. Overall, Cleto Reyes made some of the best boxing gloves in 2024.

These gloves in particular come with a premium leather construct that is top of the line in quality. The hook and loop closure is great because it makes it easy to put these gloves on and off during those fast-paced training sessions. The water repellent nylon covering gives you peace of mind knowing that your gloves will be fine even when wet or sweaty. These gloves include two inches of padding which means your partners will be safe when sparring and your hand will be safe when heavy hitting. I believe Cleto Reyes gives you the most bang for your buck on this entire list.

3. Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki Boxing Gloves

– 5 layer foam structure
– Made of full premium leather
– Amazing wrist support closure system

– Only three styles available

The Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki Boxing Gloves are world-class boxing gloves that are multi-dimensional in all aspects. These gloves are hand crafted with top of the line premium full-grain leather. They are constructed with a 5 layer foam structure that doesn’t require break in, perfectly designed to deliver the best performance for heavy bag work. The dual-x closure system provides lace-like fit. These gloves offer best in class wrist support delivered by the 4 interlocking splints at the back of the hand.

I love these boxing gloves and believe they are one of the best boxing gloves available today. These gloves do the very best at protecting your money makers while hitting the bag, mitt training, or even sparring. I’ve personally used these heavy bag gloves and the Hayabusa MMA gloves as well, and have had so much success at perfecting my striking with both of them. I recommend these gloves if you’re someone who hits hard and enjoys combat sports.

4. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

– 15 color styles to choose from
– High quality skintex leather construct
– Comfortable triple layer foam

– May crack overtime

The Venum Elite boxing gloves are actually the best gloves Venum has to offer. Usually I’m not so ‘high’ on Venum products because of what I’ve heard from various trusted Muay Thai fighters, however these gloves are made of some high quality material that is durable and comfortable. They have over 20 professional designs to choose from (which I find a few of them completely awesome).

What I love about Venum boxing gloves is that their equipment is made in Thailand directly. Many boxing purists tend to stay away from brands like Venum and Hayabusa because they are known as ‘MMA’ brands, however, I think if they tried more of their products they would be pleasantly surprised. The Venum Elite boxing gloves are one of the best boxing gloves for all-around training.

5. Anthem Athletics Stormbringer Gloves

Anthem Athletics Stormbringer Boxing Gloves

– Over 25 different color designs
– Constructed with premium buffalo leather
– Triple Density foam

– Not good for sparring

Anthem Athletics is quickly becoming a fan favorite among the combat sports community, and it’s easy to see why. The Stormbringer gloves are one of the highest rated boxing gloves available online today. With over 25 different colors designs to choose from it would be hard finding a pair that you don’t love.

These gloves are unique, in that they are crafted with premium buffalo leather. Buffalo leather is one of the most durable materials available, paired with triple density foam, these gloves are nearly indestructible, which is perfect for heavy bag training and mitt work. These are one of the best boxing gloves for all-around training today.

What are the Best Boxing Glove Brands?

This is a question that will often result in a very opinionated answer depending on who you ask. Some trainers and fighters stick to one brand their entire life, while others explore the wide variety of options that are available. I don’t think there is any correct answer to this question. When you think of boxing gloves, you probably also think of brands such as Winning, Grant, Cleto Reyes, Ringside, etc. These brands are known for their quality boxing gear and reputable name.

While many professional fighters stick to brands such as Winning and Grant, the majority of us don’t have that type of money to spend on boxing gloves. If you do have the budget to spend on Winning or Grant then I’m all for it, it’s a free country. I’ve used Winning gloves in the past and know how versatile they are in every aspect of training. I think the number one thing when buying boxing gloves is getting the best pair for your style of training that’s within your budget.


Winning Boxing Gloves
best boxing glovesWinning Boxing Gloves are one of the most exclusive boxing brands in the world. Their boxing gear has been rated in top 3 by many professional boxers, only rivaled by Grants Worldwide and Cleto Reyes. Winning Fighting Sports World Equipment are all handmade and imported from Japan, which is where the company has been located since 1937. Only a select few places sell Winning fight gear (which is why it’s so hard to find them in person). I believe Winning makes some of the best boxing gloves today.
Grant Boxing Gloves

Grant Professional boxing gloves are hand made in Mexico with only the highest quality of leather materials. These gloves are so good that they’re often used by famous fighters like Floyd Mayweather, Evander Holyfield, and many more. These gloves are so hard to find in-person because they’re so expensive and limited. These are commonly used as ‘Competition gloves’ and are highly expensive and arguably one of the best gloves around. Grant boxing makes some of the best boxing gloves today.

Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

best boxing glovesCleto Reyes is another well known Mexican boxing brand. I personally own these gloves and absolutely LOVE them. I can’t say enough good things about Cleto Reyes, they are the most affordable pair of gloves that I consider high tier. The reason I love these gloves are that they’re so versatile. No matter what style of training you do, from heavy bag training to even sparring, these gloves are great for all of the above. Cleto Reyes is top tier because they make good boxing gloves.


Ringside Boxing Gloves

Ringside Boxing has been a reputable brand in boxing for years. Many of you have already heard of Ringside boxing gloves, however for those of you who didn’t I would rest assured knowing that these gloves are high quality at a mid-tier price point. These gloves are great for beginners who want quality gloves that are ‘all-around’ and versatile. Ringside is known for selling some of the best boxing gloves in history as well as their popular boxing shoes.

Hayabusa Boxing Gloves

best boxing gloves Hayabusa is known as an MMA brand, however their gear is high quality for boxing as well. Hayabusa's price point is higher than many on this list, however their quality matches the price. They have a unique style that includes gloves made with speciality material. I highly recommend these gloves if you’re someone who does a lot of Boxing and Muay Thai hybrid training. Hayabusa is an up-and-coming MMA brand that makes some of the best boxing gloves.

Title Boxing Gloves

The name ‘Title Boxing’ is almost synonymous with boxing history. They have built quality boxing gear for many decades now. They aren’t the highest quality brand, however they make some great quality gloves for people who are just getting into the sport. I believe they have many different low tier boxing gloves and mid tier boxing gloves to choose from.


Venum Boxing Gloves

best boxing glovesThe reason I included Venum boxing gloves on the ‘low-tier’ list is because they are gloves that are mostly marketed for beginners. They come in a bunch of flashy designs and are made directly in Thailand. They aren’t made of the highest quality material however. I’ve had many different people tell me that the inside of their glove and the stitching have both come apart overtime. I’m not saying that these are bad gloves, however I would only purchase them if you’re a beginner who doesn’t expect these gloves to last over two-three years.

RDX Boxing Gloves

RDX boxing gloves are actually great boxing gloves considering the price-point. I think these are the perfect gloves for beginners who are working with a budget. RDX gloves come in a slew of different styles and colors to choose from. These gloves won’t last very long but if you’re the type of person who takes up boxing as a lifestyle you’ll eventually want better gloves in the near future anyway.

Sababul Boxing Gloves

The last pair of gloves on our ‘low-tier’ list are the Sanabul boxing gloves. Not only are these gloves the most affordable on this list, they actually have pretty good reviews online. Similar to all of the other ‘low-tier’ boxing gloves on this list, these gloves are extremely affordable and at a great value considering the price-point. Sanabul makes some inexpensive boxing gloves that hold great value.

What’s the Best Boxing Glove Material to Choose?

When it comes to the best boxing glove material, it really depends on how much you’re willing to spend on a pair of gloves. Some material will be much more durable and comfortable than others. The material used to make your gloves is a direct indicator on how expensive or inexpensive they’ll be. Better material means that the gloves will come with a higher price-point. Cheaper gloves are typically made with cheap material such as vinyl and synthetic leather.


Vinyl material is a good alternative if you can’t afford or prefer not to use real leather. The main problem with vinyl gloves are that they won’t be nearly as durable as real leather boxing gloves. Vinyl gloves will split over time, however they’re much cheaper than genuine leather. The good thing about Vinyl gloves is that they’re much easier to clean when compared to other materials. I would only recommend vinyl boxing gloves if you can’t afford other types of gloves, or if you’re a beginner who is looking for an inexpensive pair of gloves.

Synthetic Leather

Synthetic Leather (also known as Polyurethane or PU) is a lower cost material used for boxing gloves. It generally looks and feels just as good to use but it won’t be as durable as gloves made from real leather. Gloves made of this material are usually low to mid tier gloves, and are generally marketed towards beginners. These types of gloves will have odor issues if they’re used regularly and aren’t properly cleaned. These gloves aren’t recommended for advanced fighters or heavy hitters.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather (also known as cowhide or goatskin leather) is normally durable, flexible, and controls sweat and odors very well when compared to other materials. Real leather is the primary choice amongst many professional boxers and fighters today. Cowhide leather is very comfortable and offers good stretch for the fist as it’s higher quality material. Goatskin leather is actually cheaper to use than cowhide leather, however both are well worth the price. I believe genuine leather is the type of material you find in the best boxing gloves.

What Size of Boxing Gloves Do I Need?

The first step in your journey to find the perfect pair of boxing gloves is to find the glove size that will be the perfect fit. The best glove size isn’t just based on the size of your hands, but also the type of training that you’ll be doing. It’s important to know your gloves weight because it must fit within your training method. It would be dangerous to spar with 8 ounce boxing gloves, while it would be plain silly to compete with 16 ounce gloves.

Professional boxers typically train in heavier gloves because they want their hands to be faster on fight night, similar to how a baseball batter uses “bat weights” before stepping up to the plate. Heavier gloves (14 to 18 oz) typically have much more padding and offer much more hand and wrist protection. These type of gloves are great for heavy bag training and sparring because they offer a great amount of protection. Sparring in larger gloves is preferred because you’re less likely to knock someone out when using heavier gloves.

boxing glove size chart

When hitting mitts or competing, lighter gloves (8 to 12 oz) is much more preferred. It’s important to note that everyone is different, you might prefer 12 ounce gloves when your partner prefers 16 oz gloves. I am someone who prefers lighter gloves because heavier gloves just feel like giant pillows to me. However I always use 16 ounce gloves while sparring for my partners safety.

The boxing gloves you wear should have a snug and comfortable fit. Your fingertips should be able to reach the top of your gloves while still allowing you the ability to make a fist comfortably. Keep in mind that your glove will also need to fit your hand wraps. If you don’t have hand wraps with your while shopping, get a roll of quarters in your palm and wear the boxing gloves.

Final Thoughts

I want you to know that it’s okay to stress over the perfect pair of boxing gloves. I realize how important this decision is when it comes to the future of your training. There are so many good and bad pairs available these days that buying boxing gloves is something that can’t be taken lightly. Although I’ve purchased a few bad pairs here and there, overall I’ve been blessed with extraordinary lucky when it comes to buying boxing gloves. I hope that this article was able to steer you in the right direction to buying the best boxing gloves. I wish you the best of luck on your combat sports journey and have a great 2024.

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