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The 15 Best Kickboxers of All Time

Everybody knows I love MMA, but I also really love me some kickboxing. Whether it be K1, Muay Thai, Glory, Bellator, or One FC, I love all styles of kickboxing. So many phenomenal kickboxers have stepped into the ring, which makes doing a best-ever list really hard. But I’ve taken a crack at it and…

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The first martial art to learn

Which Martial Art Should I Learn First?

Are you interested in learning a martial art but unsure where to begin? Choosing the right discipline is essential for long-term enjoyment and commitment. Martial arts can provide significant benefits for your fitness and well-being. Whether you aspire to become a professional MMA fighter or simply want to shed a few pounds, this guide will…

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how long does a black belt take

Which Black Belt Takes the Longest Time to Achieve?

I want to start this out by saying that achieving a black belt in any Martial Art should be highly respectable no matter the length of time it took to achieve. All Martial Artists who have achieved a black belt in their lifetime is an extraordinary honor that should be respected, no matter the art….

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The Hottest Female UFC Fighters in 2023

For a sport as grueling and violent as mixed martial arts, you might be surprised to know that there are some absolutely stunningly beautiful women who choose to fight for a living. In my humble opinion, these are some of the hottest female fighters in MMA. Rose “Thug Rose” Namajunas Rose Namajunas has a unique…

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Top 15 Deadliest Martial Arts in the World

Some martial arts were designed to kill. No rules. No mercy. Lethal intent.  But which martial art is the deadliest? Considering that we’re talking about deadly force it’s a question that can be, well… difficult to test. Let’s take a close look at the world’s most lethal martial arts – from traditional Japanese striking techniques to…

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how much money do mma fighters make

How Much Money do UFC Fighters Make in 2023?

In 2022, the average UFC fighter made $150,249. It’s important to note that this statistic is skewed by outliers. The median UFC fighter made just $91,250. The five highest paid UFC fighters in 2022 earned an average of $1,177,200 (huge thanks to Money MMA for compiling these statistics): Fighter2022 Earnings (Purse Money Only)Israel Adesanya$1,956,000Andrei Arlovski$1,108,000Alexander…

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  • The Best BJJ Books
    To learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you need to get yourself to the mat and practice. There’s no getting around that. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t get great information from some of the best BJJ books. There’s a lot of Jiu Jitsu masters who imparted their knowledge and experience in writing. Reading their tips in … Read more
  • MMA Fighters vs The UFC: Revenue Share and Lawsuits
    Tensions have always been high between the UFC and its roster of fighters. Unlike other sports leagues, where the profit sharing is closer to 50/50 between the athletes and the organization, the UFC pays its athletes just 10 to 15% of revenue. Famed sports agent Jeff Borris (who has repped every MLB juicehead from Barry … Read more
  • The Best Free Standing Punching Bags
    A free standing punching bag is an excellent addition to your home MMA gym. If you want to avoid the permanence and bulkiness of a traditional heavy bag, a free standing heavy bag is a great alternative. Here, I will give you my personal picks for the best free standing punching bags on the market. … Read more
  • Conor McGregor: Fighter Spotlight
    In UFC history, no fighter is responsible for creating more new UFC fans than Conor McGregor. McGregor is a true showman. Not only does he get results, but he also does so in style. The Irishman understands the importance of putting on a show for the fans. Every time he steps into the octagon, Conor … Read more
  • Fighter Spotlight: Valentina Shevchenko
    Valentina Shevchenko currently holds the title of the current UFC Women’s Flyweight Champion. The Peruvian-Kyrgistani athlete, born on March 7th, 1988, is a former Muay Thai fighter who made her MMA debut in 2015.  Lightning-fast Shevchenko earned the nickname “Bullet” from her kickboxing trainer after knocking out a 22-year-old opponent at the tender age of … Read more
  • Calories Burned in BJJ: a WHOOP Case Study
    Ever wonder how many calories you burn during Jiu Jitsu class? Me too. That’s why I picked up a WHOOP heart rate tracker that I can wear during training. If you ever listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast, you’ll hear him promoting this device. It’s now pretty easy to monitor your heart rate and figure out … Read more
  • The History Of Muay Thai
    Out of all of the martial arts, Muay Thai has a special place in my heart. When it comes to striking, you just can’t beat the effectiveness and enjoyment of a good Muay Thai session. The Fascinating Origins of Muay Thai Muay Thai is a unique martial arts tradition that originated in Thailand during the … Read more
  • How to Maximize Your Earnings as an MMA Fighter
    I was talking to my friend Paul Chittenden about fighter pay and all of the craziness surrounding UFC salaries these days. Why does it seem like only the top few fighters are making any money, while the rest of the roster is fighting for scraps? The conversation turned to how some fighters, despite a mediocre … Read more
  • Lethwei: The Brutal Burmese Martial Art
    Lethwei, the beautiful, brutal Burmese martial art, holds a certain mystique in the realm of combat sports. With its use of headbutts and lack of traditional gloves, Lethwei – AKA Burmese Bareknuckle Boxing – has earned a reputation as one of the most brutal sports in the world.  Lethwei is something of an answer to … Read more
  • The Kung Fu Belt System Explained
    Kung fu is an ancient form of martial arts that has been passed down from master to student. Traditionally, kung fu did not have a belt system. Instead, students would signify moving through the ranks with a scroll signed by the master they were training under. Eventually, belts were used in kung fu to signify … Read more
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